Indulge yourself – it’s International Chocolate Week!

Indulge yourself – it’s International Chocolate Week!

If there’s one thing we’re certain about, it’s that you never need an excuse to eat chocolate. That being said, we thought you’d want to know that Monday the 9th of October marks the kick-off of International Chocolate Week. So our advice is to take advantage of this once-a-year holiday and eat all the chocolate imaginable – and maybe even gift some to your friends, family or coworkers.

Fortunately, offers a huge selection of chocolate for every occasion. We’ve selected some highlights for you, and even have some fun new ways to share and enjoy chocolate!

For gifting

This autumn, share the gift of chocolate with someone special. Whether you have a wedding to attend, want to thank your child’s teacher, congratulate a new mum, or win over your workmates, try one of the following lush and decadent offerings: the Guylian Best hamper, personalised champagne and chocolates, Pralibel Marc de Champagne truffles, or a chocolate lover’s gift box.

We also have a range of luxury liqueur-based chocolates, perfect as a hostess gift when you’re invited to a friend’s home! Have a look at the luxury Guinness chocolate truffles and Baileys chocolate truffles, or if your keen to go the extra mile treat them to a bottle of the scrumptious Rubis chocolate flavoured wine. And for the underage set? Kids will love the milk chocolate pizza and happily eat their chocolate Brussels sprouts!

For you and your friends

Planning the perfect ‘Girls’ Night In’? Try some chocolate-themed games to break the ice! There’s the chilli chocolate challenge – how hot can you go? It might seem an odd combination, but trust us, chocolate with a little heat is divine – not to mention it pairs really well with red wine or coffee. For an evening of board games and indulgent snacking, why not combine both with chocolate Connect Four or chocolate Guess Who?

Making your own chocolate

This is another fun idea for when you have friends round, or want to keep the kids entertained – you might even find this a relaxing hobby to do on your own, when you have some down time! In order to inspire your imagination and help you find your inner Willy Wonka, we present the chocolate bar maker, chocolate sprinkle stix, chocolate lolly maker, and chocolate egg surprise maker.

A diet isn’t an excuse, when we still have these chocolate options

We hope you know that, here at, we always support your health and fitness goals. That’s why we’re happy to tell you we also have some chocolate-y treats for those of you who are trying to eat a healthy diet. Have a look at Protein World’s chocolate slender blend, Lean Nutrition’s chocolate protein powder, the Grenade chocolate protein flapjack,  or the Celebrity slim chocolate shake for some ideas on how you can still enjoy the flavour of chocolate whilst sticking to your nutrition goals.

We hope you’ve found some ideas to inspire you here, but feel free to choose your favourites from our delicious chocolate page here.

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