Packing for university – get the essentials!

Packing for university – get the essentials!

It’s quickly approaching September and so it is time to start thinking about packing for university. Whether you’re a student yourself, or the parent of one, you might be wondering what to take with you – and maybe feeling a bit panicky about anything you may be forgetting. Never fear – as always, Littlewoods are on hand to set you up with all of the essentials!

Kitchen EssentialsThe first order of business is to make your room in the halls or a shared flat feel homey and comfortable – but without spending a fortune! The Kelso check duvet cover and pillowcase set features a reversible tartan print and is perfect for a girl’s or boy’s room. Don’t forget bath towels too; these jumbo bath towels come in an array of fantastic colours, like Hawaiian blue, green apple, and fuchsia pink – and right now they’re on a buy-one-get-one-free offer, so move quickly to pick up this great deal! Finally, decorating your room is a great excuse to express your personal style. If you’re into Game of Thrones, for example, you might love cuddling up with the lush wolf throw from Catherine Lansfield and matching cushion on those chilly nights spent hitting the books. Depending on how much space you’ll have, you might also consider some storage solutions – we’ve got everything from foldable and stackable storage boxes to bookshelves to help you get organised.

Study TimeNext up, the serious stuff: tech talk. A great laptop is one of the best tools a uni student can have. Not only for taking notes, doing research, and writing papers – but perhaps more importantly, emailing and videoconferencing with the folks back at home! We’ve got a vast selection of laptops at all price points (and don’t forget you can apply to spread the cost). The Lenovo IdeaPad 320 boasts an Intel Pentium processor, 4Gb of RAM and a whopping 1 terabyte on the hard drive. Not only that, but it comes preloaded with Windows 10 and includes Microsoft 365 software and McAfee virus protection. Have a look at all of our laptops here, or you may want to consider a tablet instead, like the Huawei MediaPad. A great pair of headphones can also be a great way to listen to lecture notes (or maybe even drown out your flatmate’s taste in music?) – check out our top recommendations like the B&O headphones or the ever-popular Dre Beats.

And finally, a few things you may not have considered but we guarantee will make your life easier – and make you an absolute pro at ‘adulting’. How about a QuadraPan for making breakfasts for the flat after a heavy night (of studying, of course), or sandwich toasters and coffee machines for the all-nighters before exams? Don’t forget extra chargers and leads for your devices, a funky laundry basket and foldable clothes airer, and a mini-hoover for keeping tidy, especially when your parents come to visit.

We’ve put together a dedicated ‘Off to Uni’ page over on the home section of the Littlewoods site, so do check it out and say goodbye to packing panic!


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