Back to School Essentials | Part 1

Back to School Essentials | Part 1

Hard to believe the summer break is just about over and the kids are going back to school. Whether they’re excited about the prospect or wailing in dread of it, we think we can help you to help them make the transition. In this special two-part blog post, we’re going to walk you through everything you need to get the new school year off to a great start.

So, let’s get started with the basics, shall we? And that means uniforms, outerwear and shoes. We’ve of course got a full range of school uniform needs: from plain or plaid, you can find all the skirts, trousers, jumpers and blazers you might need to kit the kids out for school. And we’d suggest stocking on some staples too. We’ve all experienced that early morning crisis when your son suddenly realises he’s no clean shirts left or your daughter pops a hole in her last pair of navy blue tights and suddenly there are tears and recriminations, and your school run has become a DefCon 1 shopping mission. So as a friendly reminder: be sure to have loads of socks and tights, underwear, and ties on hand to avoid the morning meltdown!

Because uniforms are – by definition – much the same, kids are keen to express their individuality through non-uniform pieces such as coats and shoes. They may even take more of an interest in fashion in their out-of-school hours and make an effort to develop their own personal style. As ever, Littlewoods the hottest outerwear looks from the biggest brands that your kids will be obsessed with: The North Face, Nike, and Adidas, to name but a few. And of course the well-loved, time-honoured classic range of school shoes from Clarks. Just to give you some examples, check out the senior boys’ ‘Resolve’ reflective jacket from The North Face, or the senior girls’ Nike down parka with the asymmetric zip she’ll absolutely flip over – it couldn’t be any easier.

It’s not just the big brands, of course – we have loads of fabulous options at every price point. And even better? If you spend £25 or more on school wear, we’ll give you 15% off selected coats and footwear – check here for the link to the school wear essentials and details about the offer!

Remember to come back soon for the second part of our back-to-school post. And in the meantime, visit the official Littlewoods Back to School shop for a chance to view our complete range!

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