Super Mum’s Packing Essentials

Super Mum’s Packing Essentials

So your holiday is finally coming up and instead of looking forward to some relaxing time away, you’re scrambling to pack for the whole family, trying to remember all those last-minute items and plan for any unexpected situations… sound familiar? Sometimes preparing for a trip can seem like more work than pleasure, but Littlewoods are here to help with a checklist of essentials and some top packing hacks that will have you looking forward to the holiday you so richly deserve! Ready? Read on!

First, make a list of what you’ll need. Then, go through it again (several times if you have to!) and hone it. Be clear about what items are “must-have” versus “nice to have”.  Versatility is key: don’t bring seven different things that don’t go together. Instead, think of a “capsule wardrobe” by choosing items within a certain colour theme or palette of neutrals, so that you can mix-and-match and create loads of looks with just a few items!

Don’t forget that the only true essentials are passports and medications; anything else you can always get when you arrive at your destination. And bear in mind the baggage restrictions: the last thing you want is to be 2kg over the limit when you get to the airport and have to pay fees or else bin some of your belongings.LeapFrog LeapPad3

That being said, there are a few key items you’ll be very happy to have with you! Additional chargers or external hard drives for work or enjoying your favourite films and games are a life-saver. And it’s a great idea to take a few toys to keep the children entertained on the plane, round the pool, or – while we hope you have spectacular weather on your hols – indoors on unexpected rainy days. This LeapFrog learning tablet is a great way to keep them occupied!Marc Jacobs Mini Perfume

Even though the 100ml rule has been in force at airports for ages now, it’s still easy to get caught out with something that’s over the limit. If you’re not checking luggage, you’ll need to think small for your carry-on: one great solution is to pack these Marc Jacobs mini perfumes or the Ultimate Travel Collection wash bag from high-street fave Accessorize, which includes 100ml each of lychee-scented shower gel, body lotion, shampoo, and conditioner. One of our favourite hacks is to only bring as much as you’ll use on the trip: then you’ve got that much extra space in your luggage to bring home some souvenirs! Not to mention, you’ll get through security a lot faster!

Finally, one thing that often bogs us down is an abundance of electricals, such as hair dryers, which not only take up a lot of room in your bag but also can present a problem if you’re traveling internationally and you’ve not got the right adapter. Fortunately, these cordless hair straighteners tackle both of these issues at once, with a glam-on-the-go solution!

For last-minute inspiration, have a look at the Littlewoods holiday shop. We’ve got everything you could possibly need for yourself and the whole family – and some things you might not have thought of! Happy holidaying!




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