Spring’s Must-Have Toys

Spring’s Must-Have Toys

School Easter holiday may be over, but that’s no reason for the kids to stop having fun. At Littlewoods, we have an absolutely fantastic offering of toys, from the hottest must-have’s of the moment, to favourite characters, to timeless classics.

Our first selection combines all three, in fact! It’s the LEGO Beauty & The Beast Belle’s Enchanted Castle, and if there are two things hotter than LEGO and Beauty and the Beast right now, we don’t know what they are. If you have kids of a certain age, chances are you’ve been to the cinema over half-term to see Disney’s new live-action Beauty & The Beast – at least once.Disney Beauty and The Beast Beauty & The Beast Belle’s Enchanted Castle The LEGO set allows your little one to relive the magic of the film, as she puts together the enchanted castle for Belle, the Beast, Lumiere, and their friends! It’s a great shared activity too – you might even enjoy it more than the kids! For a peek at all of our B&B-themed toys, games and DVDs, click here!

Also for the princess-obsessed: the Cozy Chariot from Little Tykes. This is a proper horse-drawn carriage for a proper little princess! Put the removable floorboard in to protect tiny feet as you pull your little one around for a spin in style. And when she’s a bit older, take the floorboard out and she’s ready to take the reins herself. It even makes a horse clopping sound for the full experience. And what’s more, it has drink holders for kids – and perhaps more importantly, for the parents.

When you’re ready to get really silly with the whole family, there’s the Pie Face Showdown Game from Hasbro. Each player puts their face through the mask and races to be the first one to splat some whipped cream (not included) or a wet sponge into the other’s face. Sound like messy family fun? It is! It’s easy to set up and play – and the laughter will make tidying up so much more fun.

Power Rangers Interactive Movie MegazordWhat is Zoingo Boingo, you may ask? It’s the next generation’s pogo craze – your kids can bounce, spin, freestyle like never before! Suitable for ages 9-12, the Zoingo Boingo gives them awesome control and manoeuvrability as they boing their way across grass or pavement, thanks to with the sure-grip handle and foot platform. It’s easy to assemble and includes the inflation pin for the bouncing ball.

And finally, on another blockbuster movie theme, here comes the Power Rangers Interactive Movie Megazord! The Megazord has expandable wings, of course, as well as loads of weapons, lights and sounds – everything your little hero needs to fight evil! Megazord comes with 5 Power Ranger mini-figures to create epic adventures!

To see the entire Littlewoods range of toys and games, click here and let the fun begin!

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