Beautify Your Bedroom And Have the Sweetest Dreams This Autumn!

Beautify Your Bedroom And Have the Sweetest Dreams This Autumn!

As the autumn evenings draw in and the temperature drops by a few degrees, wouldn’t it be lovely to get warm and cosy in your own dream bedroom?

Well if you shop with us at Littlewoods right now, you could make that dream come true sooner than you thought!

bedroomlarge2nightThat’s because our team of home designers has put together a collection of beautiful bedrooms and essentials to help you create a room you can really call your own. Or, to make it even easier to live the dream, you can take your choice from six ready-planned and beautifully themed designs that are lovely to live with, day and night. In fact you can see that for yourselves when you click through to each of the room sets and then select “day” or “night” from the clever on-page menu!

You could take your pick from the Dover, Morgan, Universal, Preston, Ohio and Pheobe rooms or team have planned out in every detail or just choose key features from each one and design your own unique look. In every room you’ll find some great ideas to make the living easy, like handy hampers and boxes to keep down the clutter, lovely lamps to set your own mood lighting and clever shelving units that provide a place for everything and show off your own decorative touches to their very best advantage.

Of course the perfect bedroom doesn’t just look simply stunning, it wraps you up in perfect comfort too.  So we’ve gathered together everything you need to fit out whichever supremely comfortable bed you choose with the very best bedding around. After all, we want you to have the very sweetest dreams in your new dream bedroom! From pillows that pamper to the dreamiest duvets, from cushions and covers to mattress toppers – and everything in between -we’ve got you covered. So you can just lie back, relax and enjoy the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.



So what are you waiting for? Take some time to browse through our beautiful bedrooms and treat yourself to the kind of special place you’ve always promised yourself. Our interior designers have made the choosing easy and, with Littlewoods great prices, quick and easy delivery and unbeatable buying power it couldn’t be easier for you to get it all together, right now!


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