Getting your home ready for Christmas

Getting your home ready for Christmas

Nutcracker Soldiers Christmas Decorations

Getting ready for Christmas is no small task and neither is getting your home ready. You might be worrying over the perfect dining table to serve Christmas dinner, or ensuring you have enough seating or a trundle bed to house all your guests – and no one can forget the beautiful Christmas decorations that we use to bring that festive cheer to our own living rooms! No matter what style you prefer, here at Littlewoods we have different designs and colours to suit every eventuality.


 Christmas Traditions

If you’re channelling the heritage style that’s so big this season or just prefer the style of decorations that you used to play with when you visited your Gran at Christmas, then the traditional style is for you. From beautiful Wooden Nutcracker Soldier decorations to sit and guard your presents to festive reds and tartan flecked Berry Tree decorations to hang on your wall, there’s enough to make you feel like you’re living in a winter wonderland!

The traditional greens and reds make this style really feel like Christmas. Combined with some beautiful cinnamon and mulled wine scents visitors will be dazzled.

 Winter Wonderland

Mini Bauble Christmas Tree

If bold Christmas colours and snazzy decorations are more your bag then winter wonderland is the best style for you. With rich plums and purples teamed with gold and silver, this style can be used to make a cosy, comfy Christmas or a festive season with a sleek modern twist. With pieces like a Mini Bauble Christmas Tree to offer an alternative to shedding pines and Silver Metal Love Wall Art to avoid the foliage on your walls, there is everything needed for a cosy modern Christmas to suit you.

Metal Wall Art with Tealight Holders

Festive Sparkle

Attracted by all things sparkly? Then this is the Christmas style for you! As the name suggests this décor is full of glitter and jewel colours to make your Christmas majestic. This Silver Metal Wall Art with Tealight Holders will make any room cosy alongside those twinkling fairy lights, and teamed with a beautiful Bauble Wreath to reflect the light, you can get all of the festive sparkle you need.

If you’re still unsure which you prefer or just need some room ideas to pull off your Christmas decorations perfectly we have a festive video to inspire you: which is your favourite?

Get it at Littlewoods

How are you decorating your home this Christmas?

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