Back to School PE Kits

Back to School PE Kits

With the huge summer of sport now finally over, and the inspiration it will have provided for your kids, now would be a great time to pack them off back to school with some cool sportswear in which they can try to break their own world records.

Stay warmed up with these tracksuits for girls and boys!

For the girls, the Top Class Girls 2-piece Tracksuit is by far the most comfortable option when spending a lesson in the gym or getting ready for a track event. It’s made from quality durable materials meaning that if the lessons get tough, that tracksuit will keep up! Meanwhile, the Top Class Boys Zip-thru Hooded Top ensures that the boys will also be ready for their physical activity – whether it’s a warm-up for a run or a quick game of basketball.

Whether in the dance studio or on the pitch, these will do the trick!

Out on the field, your boys will need a hard-wearing kit that’s also comfortable enough to run around in – which is why the Top Class Boys Sport Shorts are the ideal choice.  The elasticated waist also means that your child won’t grow out of them too quickly – plus they come in a pack of two meaning that you won’t have to wash one pair just to see them get muddied up again the next day!

If the tiny dancer in your life needs some new kit, she’ll be provided for too with a two-pack of Top Class Girls Dance Skirts. Those after-school rehearsals can be quite tough to get through after a long day’s learning, but the comfortable and stylish fit of the skirts will ensure that she feels like taking on the routines with a spring in her step.

The kids will love doing their lengths in these fetching swim togs!

And if your kids’ sports class takes in a weekly trip to the pool, you’re covered with our choice between the Top Class Girls Swimsuit and the Top Class Boys Swim Shorts – both of which also come in packs of two so that there’s no excuse for losing one! These products fit very comfortably and are made of top-quality fabrics that dry quickly so that the kids’ kit bags won’t be dripping wet all day.

With all these high-quality, hard-wearing products available on the Littlewoods site, your little athletes will get the most out of their school sports – so why not check out the range today!

Get it at Littlewoods

Littlewoods – the gold medal choice for kids’ back to school sportswear!

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