Camping essentials for all the family

Camping essentials for all the family

Lichfield Arisaig 5-Person Tent

Lichfield Arisaig 5-Person Tent

When preparing for a camping trip, whether it’s a week in the countryside with the whole family or roughing it at a music festival with some friends and some beers, it’s vital that you get the basics right; you may be spending your nights in the great outdoors, but that’s no reason not to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

First of all, your tent needs to be as spacious as possible; it can be very difficult to enjoy any camping trip, no matter what the length, if you don’t have the space you need to properly relax. Find out how many people are expecting to stay in your tent and then add one on for luck. If four of you are making a weekend of it, then a five-person tent would be just what you need to ensure there’s enough room to store all that other camping gear!

Highland Trail Picnic Table + 4 Chairs

Highland Trail Picnic Table + 4 Chairs

So now that your tent is sorted, it’s time to find the furniture with which to furnish it. The Highland Trail camping chairs are not only surprisingly comfortable, but very lightweight and easy to pack away too. The addition of a small holder for cups and cans in the armrest is an added touch of camping luxury, and the Lichfield inflatable lounger is a heaven-sent way to relax with a good book while the kids are running off that delicious picnic.

Speaking of picnics, there are a few handy items you could use to prepare and share your meals more easily. This Vango Brisbane kitchen unit is easy to assemble, and its ventilated sides mean it’s an ideal place to put the cooking stove while you set up the Highland Trail picnic table. Now the whole family can sit around the table and enjoy their taste of the great outdoors.

Vango Wilderness XL SQR Sleeping Bag

Vango Wilderness XL SQR

When the night draws in and it’s time to prepare for a comfortable night’s rest, the first thing to do is to set up the sleeping areas, before it gets too dark to properly see what you’re doing! A couple of inflatable airbeds will ensure that you don’t have to spend a night on the hard ground; it’s a tough test for even the hardiest back. With a range of comfortable sleeping bags available too in both single and double, you’re sure to stay warm and comfortable on those colder nights.

So with all you’ll need for that next brave expedition, or just that night in the local park, the only question remaining is: where will you go? Why not share some of your favourite camping trip ideas in the comments section and hopefully inspire other budding campers to have a great weekend away!

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Find all the camping essentials you'll need this summer!

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One Comment

  1. Posted by Nair on July 21, 2012

    Forget the cot and the heater. Get one of those Colemna twin size air mastreses and something to pump it up. Then, bring along a 1-2 thick foam pad and a good sleeping bag, or two mediocre ones. If you pump an air matress up nice and firm and then put a 2 foam pad on it, it can be more comfortable than your mattress at home. But it is equally important to keep warm when you sleep, not just have a nice pad. So, make sure that you have a sleeping bag that is rated for 20 degrees lower than the coldest temperature it will be at night or your going to freeze your bum off. So, if you aren’t sure about how good your sleeping bag is, bring a 2nd sleeping bag or a few extra comforters to go over and under your regular bag.DO NOT sleep on an air matress or cot without having something on it to insulate you from the air, or you WILL get all the heat sucked right out of you. A 2 thick foam pad is an excellent insulator, but an extra sleeping bag under you would work OK too.

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