Affordable fitness for 2012

Affordable fitness for 2012

K-Swiss Tubes Run 100 Cushioning Trainers

A new year means one thing – a new start and time to get back into shape after indulging a little bit too much over Christmas. But getting toned and trim again doesn’t mean crash dieting and hours on end at the gym; there’s ways you can incorporate easy, simple and affordable exercise into your regular regime and we’ve got some great ideas here at Littlewoods.

One of the simplest ways to start your exercise routine is through that old school-day favourite, skipping! Skipping is perfect for improving your overall fitness and cardiovascular system, as well as toning leg muscles and abdominals. Like when running, be sure to wear supportive trainers like the K-Swiss Tubes Run 100 Cushioning Trainers when skipping – these help absorb the impact and protect your feet from shock.

Body Sculpture 65cm Gymball

A lightweight and flexible skipping rope is essential; the Reebok Speed Rope is ideal for those already adept at fitness skipping, while the Body Sculpture Skipping Rope is durable and features ergonomic handles for those just starting out with a new exercise regime. Another, slightly more modern piece of gym equipment that is just as simple as a skipping rope is the Body Sculpture 65cm Gymball: this classic gym ball is easy to use and helps with a range of exercises that strengthen core muscles, your abdominals, thighs and calves.

Other types of exercise that are excellent for those starting a new fitness regime or looking to increase their overall physical and mental health include yoga and pilates. With a range of different ‘intensities’ of yoga to choose from, many people benefit from the relaxing, meditative aspects of this practice. Comfortable clothing is essential for yoga, as is a suitable mat to practice on in bare feet so you’re comfortable and supported: the Body Sculpture Yoga Mat is ideal for a beginner as well as being super cute too! You could also go for the Yoga-Mad Warrior Yoga Mat 4mm, which has excellent grip to ensure you don’t slip, and it’s a cushioned 4mm deep creating excellent support for your feet.

Body Sculpture Ab Trimmer

If you’re looking to increase your muscle strength and build up your existing exercise regime to incorporate slightly more intense exercises, working with weights is a great idea. The Body Sculpture Vinyl Dumbbells 2 x 2kg and the Body Sculpture Vinyl Dumbbells 2 x 4kg are ergonomically designed and suitable for building up cardiovascular exercises, and affordable too. For another affordable way to kick-start your exercise regime, the Dynamix Body Trimmer Complete Set provides a range of exercise tools including soft dumbbells, a tummy action rower and waist slimmer which all work to help tone your muscles. We also think the Body Sculpture Ab Trimmer is an excellent addition to any home exercise equipment: by isolating your abdominal muscles, it helps to tone and exercise them more effectively while ensuring that you maintain the correct posture and position for optimal exercising.

Make the most of this new year with the fantastic range of exercise equipment from Littlewoods – your body will thank you for it!

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