You and your home: trends to suit your personality!

You and your home: trends to suit your personality!

Peacock Cushions Pair

As autumn evenings draw closer, creating a house where you love coming home and relaxing becomes even more important. Everyone wants to put their own stamp on a place, so here at Littlewoods we put our heads together to match up our four key home trends this AW with four personality types. You’re sure to find something to match your personality, whether it’s relaxed, sophisticated, fiery, or quirky!

Those of us who enjoy a relaxed atmosphere will love our plum and teal colour range for this season. Combining these rich, jewel-like colours is perfect for people who are laid-back – or who need to relax more! – and using a variety of textures is great for injecting a little interest to any home. For a sumptuous bedroom, try adding these Peacock Cushions (Pair) to an existing white or pale coloured theme; teamed with the India Cushion in rich purple, the velvety and faux suede textures are wonderful to relax on at the end of a long day. Using strong lines is a simple way to update this

Love Metal Wall Art

classic boudoir colour combination, like this Mirage Rug in plum. This plum and teal trend is a must for any glamour puss, and for the ultimate in luxury, the Tivoli 2-seater Sofa makes the classic Chesterfield-style contemporary with a velvet-feel finish and sparkling crystal buttons!

Plum and teal a bit too much? Maybe you’re more into gold and browns, which are bang on trend for those who like sophistication, and tend to remain cool, whatever the situation. All tones of brown, cream, some black and metallic colours including gold and bronze work together to create a stylish but warm look in this trend. For decorative highlights, focus on metallic finishes and textures, like this Hammered Effect Vase in an old gold shade. For a feminine touch, try some wall art that has subtle floral detail, like the Love Metal Wall Art. Its weathered surface adds depth to this trend without being too rustic. Lovers of sophistication like the finer things in life, and the Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen Wings of Love Pillowcases combine elements of the trend perfectly: black and gold tones, rich patterns, and high quality fabrics.

Red Crown Cushion

Another of our key trends for this AW in your home is seasonal reds, which, aside from being a great colour for both autumn and winter, is the perfect colour for those of us who tend to be on the fiery side! Red is an uplifting colour that injects romance and life into rooms – but for many places, it’s best used as a hint or in accessories. Romantic wall prints, like the Blossom 3-piece Split Canvas Wall Art, combines a vibrant red with a gentle and delicate floral print that isn’t overpowering. This look

Enya Rug

also borrows heavily from a heritage vibe, and the Crown Cushion, with its velvet touch fabric and embellished crown, nods to this perfectly. Red works very well with many base colours, including cream, tan, and black – but for a modern take, try it with charcoal and dove grey. The Hennessey 3-seater Sofa works in its combination of texture, colour, and pattern, to create a modern and lively statement piece of furniture.

Our final trend for this season is our sassy pink, silver and black theme. This colour combination is best for modern houses and for those of us who are a little bit quirky and enjoy making a statement! This look is about bright shades, glamourous accents, and reinvented patterns: this Enya Rug, with its bold, modern floral print, epitomises the theme perfectly. For a little added drama, try the Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen curtains in a deep plum pink shade that are sure to bring any room up to date: for winter, use them with a thicker, plain lined curtain underneath. Different textures also highlight the eclectic personality of people who like this theme: we are in love with these Sequin Cushions that are covered in large, glittering sequins for a real disco vibe!

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Update your home for this season with our hot new trends!

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