University Essentials – Top Picks

University Essentials – Top Picks

Going to university is a massive step in a young person’s life. Not only are they probably leaving home for the first time but they’re also going to have to start being responsible for themselves. This means doing their own washing, cooking, cleaning and remembering to set that alarm clock!

If your child is flying the nest and is off to university this September, make sure the transition is as easy as possible by sending them packing with all the essentials! Here is our top five list of university essentials that should be in their suitcases.

Laptop – It might sound obvious but students do actually need to do work, and to do that they’ll need a laptop. We think a laptop is much more practical than a desktop PC, this means that they can take it to the library, into lectures or even outside if the weather is good. Since laptop technology is improving all the time, there’s no point in scrimping and we’d recommend investing in one with one of Intel’s newest processors – the i3 and i5. Take a look at this HP DV6-6152ea or this snazzy blue Asus X53 for inspiration.

Toaster – Now we don’t want to sound stereotypical but students do eat a lot of toast, usually with things on top of it (beans, eggs, cheese – sometimes all 3!) so a toaster is a pretty sound investment. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, just stick to the basics like this Breville toaster.

Bedding – If there’s one thing that will make them feel more at home it’s a nice cosy bed, so send them off with some comfy bedding. Although most student accommodation only has single beds, we still recommend a double duvet for cosying up under, and stick to a plain dye bedding that can be mixed and matched in different colours.

Kitchen Kit – As well as the usual plates, bowls and knives and forks, students will also be needing the cooking basics. Get them kitted out with a saucepan set – we definitely recommend non-stick pans like this Tefal set, because we’re pretty sure student accommodation doesn’t come with dishwashers fitted as standard. Add to this some baking trays and the obligatory oven glove and they’ll be well set for their culinary adventures.

Stationery – This one might seem a bit obvious, but it’s always the little things that are overlooked, so when they’re taking notes in those lectures and seminars, they’re going to be very grateful that you sent them off with a load of pens. If there’s one thing that students always seem to run out of, it’s these and let’s face it – you can never have too many! They’ll need some other stationery too, so how about a pack of highlighters, plenty of notepads like this Pukka Project one and, of course, the obligatory sticky notes.

So you can pack them off to University happy in the knowledge that they’re well equipped to get on with their new lives, and apart from having Mum around to do their washing for them they’ll have just about everything they need…

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