Back to School Shoes – Mum’s Review!

Back to School Shoes – Mum’s Review!

When it comes to kitting the little ones out for the new school term, there’s one area that probably causes more stress than any other – new school shoes. The kids want something stylish that they can show off to their friends, while you want something that will last (no-one wants to be looking for new shoes during the October half term), and most importantly you want something that they will be comfortable in so they can freely run around and can concentrate in school without being distracted by sore feet.

It’s difficult to keep everyone happy, and the problem is that you won’t really know for sure if you’ve bought the right pair until the kids have spent the day wearing them, by which point it’s too late! So to help you get started, we decided to ask one of our Littlewoods mums to test run a couple of pairs for us and give us her honest review. They’re the shoes that we predict to be the favourites this year (for you and the kids), so read on if you want to know the verdict…

Geox Euphory Bar Ballerina Shoes

Geox Euphory Bar Ballerina Girls Shoes

“When I was given this pair for my little girl to try the first thing that caught my attention was the idea of breathable footwear – I instantly loved it and it really appealed for hygiene reasons! It’s her first term at primary school in September and she’s so excited, so finding her some nice shoes was important so she felt really special on her first day. These shoes were incredibly lightweight and the leather is so soft. Since the review she’s been asking to wear them more before school starts but being the spoil sport I am I have said no!!!  She’s a real girlie, girl so the pretty ballerina style really appeals to her and the leather is lovely and shiny too!

After wearing them for a day where she ran around and played with her brother and their friends, she seemed really comfortable in them and at the end of the day she didn’t want to take them off – she’s not exactly shy so if she didn’t like them or if they’d been hurting her she would have definitely let me know about it!”

Timberland North East Escape Shoes

Timberland Northeast Escape Shoes

“My son tears round the playground and I wanted something that was going to go the distance! He’s going into Juniorsin September so it’s time for ‘grown up’ footwear, and wearing Timberland just like Dad certainly did the trick. The Velcro fastening makes it easy to whip them on and off (he has his converse to practice tying laces!) and the durable sole and toe cover will hopefully minimise scuffing (I live in hope!).  The branding is subtle so there’s no controversy with the school either but I know we’ve got a family brand that I can trust will do the business!

As I half expected, his verdict was ‘they’re cool’, and the fact he spent all day running around in them without any complaints was more than enough for me to know he was happy wearing them.”

So they seemed to be a hit with the kids, and they certainly ticked all the boxes for Mum, so it looks like these two pairs are a winner for the new term. Take a look at the rest of the back to school range to find the perfect pair for your little one, and they will be counting down the days to the start of the new term and the chance to wear their brand new shoes!

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