Vacuum Cleaners for a pet hair free home

Vacuum Cleaners for a pet hair free home

Tackle pet hair with the Dyson Animal's special brush bar.

Summer means many things – beautiful sunshine, barbeques and walks in the park but on the other hand we pet lovers know that it can be a bit of a nightmare too – especially when our cats and dogs start moulting, leaving delightful balls of fluff for us to clean up.

Cute and compact - and powerful too - Harry is a great little cleaner.

Luckily, cleaning up isn’t quite the nightmare it once was, thanks to the wonderful technology that vacuum cleaner manufacturers’ have come up with. Yes, there are now some fantastic vacuum cleaners out there that are specifically designed to pick up pet hair – which means your home (and clothes!) don’t have to be covered in fluff when the moulting season starts again.

The aptly named Animal DC25 vaccum cleaner from Dyson comes with a motorised brush bar, which is perfect for ridding carpets and other surfaces of pesky pet hair – and there are no bags to contend with either, just empty the cylinder when you’re done.

The Vax Power 2 Pets is perfect for allergy sufferers.

We’re sure you’ve heard of Henry, but have you heard of Harry? Harry the Hound is the latest vaccum cleaner to join theNumatic family and comes packing a massive 9 litres dust bag and a powerful 1200watt motor, to make sure those hairs are banished and it even comes with a charcoal filter to keep pet smells at bay too. Make the most of the service guarantee on this product so you don’t have to worry about uncontrollable hairs returning if there is a problem with Harry!

Complete with a HEPA filter and antibacterial filtration system, the Vax Power 2 Pets vacuum cleaner is perfect for those who suffer from allergies, and it’s also great for tackling awkward stairs as it’s lightweight and easy to carry. You can even adjust the height to help tackle different floor surfaces, letting you get rid of unwanted pet hairs. A four year replacement guarantee is also available on this vacuum cleaner.

If you’re worried about pet hair taking over your home and upholstery, take a look at our range of pet friendly vacuum cleaners today.

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Clean up your home and make it pet hair free with our range of vacuum cleaners today!

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One Comment

  1. Posted by Gerry Taggert on May 22, 2011

    Thanks Heather for the informative article.

    These vacuums are great for picking up pet hair. Not only are these vacuums great at picking up the pet hair that gets stuck in furniture and carpeting, and for people with allergies, but also for people with athsma. I have an eleven year old with athsma, and it just gets worse with pet hair around.

    There are also great handheld vacuums as well such as the Dyson DC31 Animal Handheld Cleaner. These are super convenient, and have a lot of suction power as well.

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