Exclusive Interview with Joe Browns

Exclusive Interview with Joe Browns

Joe Browns is one of those brands that just can’t be mistaken or compared to any other. With a strong sense of direction and individuality, this brand doesn’t just follow the current trends and try to cater for anyone and everyone, but knows it’s audience and mixes the tried and tested with new and on-trend pieces, always stamping their instantly recognisable style on everything they produce.

We don’t think Joe Browns could capture the feeling of fun and adventure any better than they have done for their new collection, and we were lucky enough to have an exclusive interview with Joe Browns, to get his take on the new range and where the inspiration comes from for the fabulous designs!

Littlewoods: The Joe Browns range is unlike anything else we see, so where do you get your inspiration from for your collections?

Joe Browns: Our inspiration comes from all over the world – it also comes from within which is a result of the experiences we share and the places we visit.  Last year we were lucky enough to travel to some amazing places and we were inspired by many things from adrenaline activities to beautiful sunsets. We passionately believe you should “live the life you love”

LW: What is your favourite piece from this range and why?

Joe Browns: My favourite ladies piece is the Ultimate White Blouse as it was inspired by a romantic trip to Revello on the Amalfi Coast.  It’s very flattering and goes with so many things.

LW: Do you have any style secrets for our blog readers?

Joe Browns: Our style secrets are to strive to offer something different, something remarkable that you won’t find on the High Street.  Our individual style comes from not wanting to march to the sound of someone else’s drum – we want to boogie to our own beat!

LW: A real sense of fun and adventure comes across in your range – are you a man who loves adventure?!

Joe Browns: Adventure and a sense of fun is what we strive for – it’s what life’s all about.  The thing about adventures is they are so unpredictable, non-scripted and who knows where you’ll end up!  You also get to meet the most interesting people and always have a few stories to tell. Life is a journey and the adventures are the exciting part!

LW: What kind of person do you imagine wearing your clothes?

Joe Browns: We recently held some focus groups to help us understand our customers more. There were all sorts from trendy mothers to ageing musicians and I felt really proud that we appealed to so many free thinking individuals.

LW: You’re ranges have a very distinct style, but what would you say is a defining feature of a Joe Browns collection?

Joe Browns: On the ladies side, we are particularly well known for our floral dresses and tunics, our denim also does really well.  On the mens side, it’s the whacky shirts and jeans that really seem to hit the spot.

So as if we needed any more convincing that this brand is probably about as fun as fashion gets, Joe Browns has managed to make us all want to pack up and fly around the world in our favourite Joe Browns pieces. And as Joe said to perfectly round up the interview – ‘it’s all fun and is there to be enjoyed’.

Get it at Littlewoods

Find your adventurous side with Joe Browns at Littlewoods.com!

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