Fighting fit with Reebok

Fighting fit with Reebok

2011 seems to be speeding past us and very soon the streets of London will be filled with runners whizzing past us too.  Yes, it’s that time of year again when more than 35,000 people pound the pavements of London, to raise money for a whole range of worthy charities, exhausting themselves as they fight their way to the finish line.

Keep your assets supported with a shock absorbing sports bra!

It certainly gets you thinking about this magnificent feat and although running 26 miles and 385 yards is near impossible for most of us humble folk, donning a pair of trainers and trackies might not be such a bad idea. After all, now the days are longer and the sun has started shining, there’s no better time to take up jogging and get yourself a bit fitter in time for your summer holiday!

The problem is always – where do you start? Most people think of signing up to a gym or finding that perfect running route, but, before you do all that, there is one thing you really need to think about – what are you going to wear?

Yes, jogging and running can put a lot of strain on your body, not to mention making you work up a bit of a sweat so if you make sure you’re dressed comfortably, and have the right supportive footwear then you’ll be encouraged to keep up the good work!

Running with benefits with Reebok Runtone.

Ladies, if there’s absolutely one thing you need to take up running, it’s a good sports bra! Make sure your assets are supported and keep jiggling to a minimum with a bra designed especially for high impact sports. For ladies with larger busts, don’t fret, as you can get your hands on sports bras designed especially for DD+ cups, such as this shock absorber one.

Walk yourself fit with some Easytone trainers from Reebok.

Next up, don’t forget about your feet. Whether you’re pounding the pavements, running in the park, or hitting the treadmill you need the right footwear. Running trainers are designed to offer support, cushioning and to keep your feet cool, so, although it might seem like an unwelcome expense when you already have a perfectly good pair of other trainers, it can limit injuries and help cushion the blows to your joints.

If you want something that will really help tone up your bum, thighs and tummy, you can give yourself a harder workout with some Reebok Runtone Prime trainers, for a more intense workout. Even if you’re just taking up walking, you can help work those muscles even more with some Easytone Reeinspire II trainers – with extra cushioning for maximum comfort. Your feet will thank you!

But what should you wear to jog? Well it’s really a matter of comfort – if you wanted to you could just go jogging in an old pair of trackie bottoms and a vest top but the fact of the matter is there is a whole range of clothing designed especially for running – letting your skin breathe, keeping you cool and moving in harmony with your body.

Tone up your upper body too!

Tone up your bum, thighs and hips...

Reebok’s Easytone range isn’t just limited to footwear so if you want to get rid of all those lumps and bumps then their Easytone clothing is designed to help you do just that. We love their super comfy Easytone pants which as well as being comfortable and breathable are also designed to help improve your posture and tone up the muscles in your bum and legs! Sounds good to us…and there’s an Easytone vest top to help tone your upper half too.

So put in a little effort and get big results with Reebok Easytone – maybe one year you’ll take on the London Marathon too!

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