What your lingerie can do for your figure

What your lingerie can do for your figure

When it comes to shopping, we ladies are more than happy to splurge on outfits that make us look fab, but how many of us consider our underwear and how it can help you look even more fabulous in your new LBD?

Keep things under control with a Corselet!

The answer is probably not that many. With more than 80% of women in the UK wearing the wrong bra size, it’s no wonder that there are so many lumps and bumps on display. With the right fitting underwear you can create a sexy silhouette, boost those curves and create a cleavage with a wow factor.

For those of you who are terrified of shapewear after seeing Bridget Jones get caught out wearing those huge pants, fret not. Yes, shapewear is out there, but it’s there for a good reason. If you have body parts you want to hide, flatten or appear toned then it’s actually a really great option.

Keep things glam with a pretty longline bra...

If you want to create a sexy hourglass figure then why not opt for a waist cincher to bring in your waist and emphasise those curves. Or, for a sleek hourglass silhouette, opt for either high waist underwear or a pretty corselet to keep things under control.

There’s a massive range of shapewear out there, including plenty that let you wear your own bras, but still keep those wobbly bits under control – check out our shapewear range to find an option that will work for you.

But, moving away from the ‘control’ aspect; wearing the right underwear has a huge range of benefits. Asupportive bra for example will not only improve your cleavage, but it also can prevent backache, pain and red marks from too tight straps, unsightly ‘overspill’, and provides support to keep your assets defying gravity for longer!

Add some oomph with a push up bra.

Not only that but it also makes you feel great and if you feel confident, then you’ll look great too. Why not go for something that’s really pretty like this longline bra, which just oozes retro sex appeal and will give you an added boost too.

If you want to give the illusion of having a bigger bust than you’ve got then opt for a push up bra. This Sista Shei Ruffle bra is perfect for giving you a lift and the ruffles will give the illusion of a bigger bust.

Pretty and Practical - Check out our range of bras for DD+ cup sizes.

For those ladies with larger busts you’ll know just how important it is to keep your assets under control.Obviously, we all like an ample bosom but one that jiggles about too much can not only be painful but can also lead to embarrassing incidents if you happen to spill out. Keep yours firmly under control with some gorgeous bras designed especially for those with DD+ cup sizes. With so many options there’s no excuse to be pretty and practical too – we love this pretty aqua set from Masquerade for a glamorous and sophisticated feel.

So, remember ladies – it’s not always about the outfit but what you wear underneath it that counts. Look even more amazing than usual with some gorgeous lingerie. There’s something for every occasion and body shape, so check out our lingerie department for inspiration today!

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