Football boots for your budding superstar

Football boots for your budding superstar

The Premier League football season might be building towards a dramatic finale, with Champions League places up for grabs, relegation battles to be settled and that all important championship.

But for those of us not quite up to the standard of Rooney, Torres, Fabregas & co, or for those young enough to still have dreams of playing in the Premier League, the grass-roots, jumpers for goalposts football can still be just as exciting.

Metal tipped studs are ideal for soft ground

The frozen pitches and postponed matches from January are now, hopefully, gone for another season but if your youngster is still taking part in the junior leagues every Sunday morning, the unpredictable weather can play havoc with your choice of footwear.

Football boot design and technology is a long way away from the plain and simple black leather studded boots that we may have used. Today, children's football boots come in a huge range of colours, studs and styles.

Different boots and studs have always been suited to different weather conditions. Metal or metal tipped stud football boots, for example, tend to be suited to softer ground whilst boots with moulded studs and ‘blades’ tend to be more suitable for firmer ground. For youngsters who play their football on artificial surfaces, “astros” are usually the boot of choice.

For firm pitches, shorter, moulded studs are usually more suitable

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The differences may be subtle in many respects, but getting the right boot can not only help you throughout the game but also help to prevent injury in more unpredictable weathers. For example, metal tipped studs will tend to “dig in” to firmer ground, which can increase the likelihood of foot or ankle injuries if your budding star has to make a sharp turn or if they are involved in a strong tackle. On the other hand, boots that have the shorter, rubber moulded studs tend not to dig into the ground as much. This makes them great for firmer ground but does make players more likely to slip on wet or softer pitches.

Astroturf boots are designed specifically for artificial pitches.

For those who have children that play on an artificial pitch, such as Astroturf, you’ll find that long studs of any description don’t quite fit the bill. In fact, some football centres may even ban long studs completely. In this instance, Astroturf boots are just what you are looking for.

At first glance, these boots may just look like trainers but don’t be fooled. They typically feature large number of short studs across the entire boot, rather than around six studs around the edge of the boot or a series of strategically placed blades. This design is due to the fact that Astroturf pitches are typically very firm surfaces, with tightly woven fibres and few imperfections. The smaller studs keep the player’s feet as close to the ground as possible, aiding mobility, whilst still providing grip.


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