What to give your gadget geek this Valentine’s Day

What to give your gadget geek this Valentine’s Day

Here at Littlewoods Blog HQ we’re in a bit of a flurry as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – and the big dilemma is, if you’re in a relationship, what on earth do you buy for your man? We think guys have it easy and can always fall back on the failsafe options of flowers, perfume and jewellery but if you have a tech-lover for a partner, then how do you buy them something that they’re going to like, especially if you haven’t the first clue about gadgets?

You can't go far wrong with an iPod - why not pre-load with his favourite tracks?

Well, luckily ladies, we are here to help, with our quick fire guide to what to buy for your gadget geek this Valentine’s Day.

Gadgets can be expensive, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune, so let’s start small.

Is your geek a music lover? You can get serious brownie points if you look in the iPod department

The iPIG is practical and cute!

– small, chic and everyone loves them. Whether it’s an iPod shuffle for a work commute or a run, or an iPod Nano for a more serious music lover – if you’re going for the music route then you can’t go far wrong with some Apple technology. You can get extra brownie points too if you pre-load it with his favourite tracks, or even a personalised playlist if you’re feeling all romantic.

Now, if he is a music lover but he’s already got an iPod then why not go for some accessories? A docking station is a great idea if he wants to play his music on the iPod at home as well. We think that the iPIG is adorable, but if that’s a bit too ‘uncool’ for your techno lover then try a more classic (and romantically themed) iLuv docking station instead.

Pre-order the Nintendo 3DS for serious brownie points

Or perhaps your geek is more of a gamer? If your other half is frequently found in darkened room, a controller in one hand and a can of red bull in the other, or tells you he’s coming to bed once he’s found a save point, then don’t fret about what to get him. Although it’s not released yet, why not pre-order him a Nintendo 3DS? This brilliant little handheld console has been given a 3D makeover and although it’s not released until March, he’ll be thrilled that it’s on its way and he didn’t even have to lift a finger.

If plugged in gaming is more his style though then you could always invest in that game he’s been talking

Cuddle up while watching The Social Network

about getting – popular recent releases include Call of Duty: Black Ops and Mass Effect 2 – just make sure you check his pile of games first to make sure he hasn’t got it already!

If your geek is frequently found trawling the internet and constantly tweeting his thoughts, or updating his Facebook status, then you could buy him the incredibly brilliant (and Oscar nominated!) The Social Network – a film that you’ll both love, with a bit of a geeky twist. He’ll appreciate it far more than a rom-com anyway!

Of course there are plenty more gadgets to consider – from TVs to games consoles and of course laptops – but we recommend leaving the big purchases to him, after all if you come back with a PS3 instead of an Xbox 360, or an LCD TV instead of a Plasma, it could be game over!

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