Family fun: Xbox Kinect Games for the whole family

Family fun: Xbox Kinect Games for the whole family

The new Xbox Kinect has been hailed as the next step in the evolution of gaming and has provided a whole new range of ways to jump about like crazy and really get involved with the games – after all there’s no messing about with controllers here, YOU are the controller!

So, whether you’re looking to beat your other half at virtual football, have a dance off with your kids or are looking for some great entertainment for a party – there’s something for everyone and in particular it’s being marketed as a family console… so, what’s on offer?

Try your hand at virtual sports!

Well, here at Littlewoods HQ we’ve been throwing ourselves about in all manner of crazy ways – if anyone was looking through the window they wouldn’t have believed their eyes, but we’ve managed to narrow down what we think are the best Kinect games for the whole family.

Kinect Sports – Much like Wii sports, but with much more freedom, this is a great selection of sport themed games which let you compete against your loved ones. Try your hand at football, volleyball, bowling and our favourite – boxing – as well as a host of others!

Play with exotic pets - Great for kids

Kinectimals – Perfect for those who have animal lovers in the family, this is a great game that lets you look after a range of

exotic animals including a cute and fluffy Bengal tiger cub. This is brilliant for those situations where the kids want a new pet, as it helps them to learn about responsibility too. We bet they’ll be glad all the mess they have to clean up isn’t actually real!

Dance Central – Possibly the most fun we’ve had in ages! Chances are you will feel a bit silly when you play this, but after a few seconds it’ll all be forgotten as you get into the rhythm of following the moves and outperforming your family and friends. Rock your body to the likes of Lady Gaga and No Doubt and burn up the dance floor. It’s also a great workout if you’re looking to burn off a few of those Christmas calories.

We’ve no doubt that there will be plenty more games to choose from as the Xbox Kinect starts to really take off… in the meantime you can browse the full range here.

Get it at Littlewoods

Find the family console games for your Xbox Kinect here at Littlewoods today!

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