One dress, how many outfits?

One dress, how many outfits?

You first saw it in the catalogue. Then it popped up in the Style Bible and ever since has been showing it’s fabulous face in every magazine you open. You even have it bookmarked on your computer so you can keep checking it’s still there, hoping the more you look at it the less you’ll like it. But it doesn’t work, you love it as much now as the moment you first laid eyes on it.

‘It’ is the dress of all dresses. As though it was made especially for you, with your figure, your colouring, even your insecurities in mind. You know it will be perfect for you and you will look forward to the Christmas party even more if you know you’ve got that dress to wear. But you have one reservation. When will you ever wear it again?

It’s often the case that you buy something you love, but only get to wear it once before it goes out of fashion, out of mind, or dare we say it, out of size. It happens because too many people are afraid of wearing the same dress twice in front of the same people. Not that it should matter, a fabulous dress is a fabulous dress, no matter how many times you wear it.

If this is ringing true with you, the trick is to work out how to make a dress work for different occasions so you can get more wear out of it and show it off to as many people as possible.

Take a dress that instantly makes you think of parties, nights out and cocktails. Now add the right accessories and think of meetings in the boardroom. A simple red dress can be easily glammed up with a sequin jacket, heels in this season’s boldest print, a patent clutch and some essential bling.  That same dress can be just as easily dressed for the office with a tailored jacket, more sober heels and minimum accessories. Finally, swap the lipstick-carrying clutch bag for the laptop-carrying tote bag to instantly change the outfit from night to day.

Accessorising is the key to making this possible with all of your favourite dresses. No matter how over the top you think that strapless mini dress looks, throw on a leather jacket, leggings and flat boots and you have a whole new outfit, perfect for a new occasion and a new audience. You’re already getting twice as much wear out of that dress than you thought you would, and probably getting twice the amount of compliments as well!

So no need for reservations – buy the dress and be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be wearing it again next weekend, but this time for a day at the shops instead of a night on the town!

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