PS3 Move – Just a Wii in disguise?

PS3 Move – Just a Wii in disguise?

Sony have made some pretty bold claims about their latest gaming gadget, the Playstation Move, but does the latest hi-tech kit live up to the hype?

Nintendo were ahead of the curve when it game to the launch of the Wii towards the back end of 2006 with the concept of “motion sensor” gaming and it is only now, four years later, that the gaming giants of Sony and Microsoft have really tried to take on Nintendo at their own game.

Sony, with the launch of the PS3, touched on the idea of motion activated controllers but the Playstation still trialled behind the Wii for game play, whilst Microsoft recently shifted their focus to more “family friendly” gaming in an attempt to take on the Wii.

So, due in time for the Christmas rush, we have Kinect for the Xbox 360 and Playstation Move.

Critics have argued that in attempting to take on the Wii, Sony have actually come up with a carbon copy of the Wii concept, although we aren’t so sure.

Granted, there are glaring similarities; the remote style control and the “nun chuck” add-on being the most obvious, but there are some key similarities that Sony will be keen to point out in the days before the Move hits the shops.

The first thing that you will notice is the large “globe” on the end of the controller. Now, this might look slightly garish, but there is plenty of method in the madness. The globe contains the various sensors that allow your PS3 to pick up on your movements but the globe allows your movements to be more accurately read. Where the Wii simply works on a CCD lens sensor, which copes well with vertical and horizontal movements, it struggled with depth (unless you’ve bought the Motion+ add-on). The Playstation Move however, thanks to the tech packed inside the globe, is much more adept at working on the ‘Z’ plane.

The globe is designed to aid this, thanks to its ability to change colour to suit its surroundings. So, if you are playing in a predominantly red room, the globe will change to a colour that can easily be picked out against the wallpaper. Move to a room that is predominantly blue, and the globe will change again.

But what else is different? Well, for a start, there’s a lack of wires. Use the “nun chuck” controller to the Wii and you have a short cable joining that to the main controller. It’s not a major hassle by any means, but if you can get rid of it, why not? Sony has done that and it makes a bigger difference than you might think.

Another minor detail is that Sony has stripped away some of the buttons found on the Wii controller. It’s simpler, sleeker and less confusing at first glance.

There are other things like better battery life (the Wii controllers just take standard AAs), gyroscopic sensors that keep track of your moves even if you point off screen and of course, the stronger games line-up that suggest that Sony might be about to steal some of the Wii’s thunder. Critics will argue that the Move looks too like the Wii (but after all, mimicry is the best form of flattery). What they miss however is that the Move actually takes the Wii’s good points and polishes out the bad ones.

With the Wii, Move and Kinect all going on sale this winter, expect a tough battle in the sales charts. You can pre-order your PS3 Move here at today!

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