Top Wii Games for the Whole Family

Top Wii Games for the Whole Family

The Nintendo Wii has brought a whole new dimension to the gaming world – no longer is it just for moody teenagers sitting in darkened rooms for hours on end, now it’s for the whole family and the Wii will have you all on your feet competing against each other in loads of weird and wonderful ways!

If you’ve run out of ideas for fun day trips and family activities then getting hold of some family friendly Wii games is a great option that’s lots of fun, no matter what your age! Here are my top five picks.

Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports is the free Wii software that comes with your Wii and lets you try your hand at tennis, bowling, golf, baseball and boxing – just watch out for other family members when you’re swinging your Wii remote around! Wii Sports Resort is an upgrade that means you get even more sporting choice – including water sports, skydiving, archery, swordplay and cycling.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

It’s Mario’s 25th Birthday and this new release is a great example of why his games are so popular, especially with kids. Jump around the weird and wonderful planets, which are in 2D, 3D and even upside down, collect coins and battle enemies. You can play with a friend too!

Rayman Raving Rabbids

This is a bit of a bizarre game but it’s also very funny and has you using your controller in imaginative ways! You can play with up to 4 players and there are loads of different mini games to enjoy. Make your rabbids dance to the music, race your rabbid, have a shootout with toilet plungers (yes, really!), catch butterflies, hurl cows into the air, guide a pig through a battlefield and many more weird and wonderful adventures to keep the whole family entertained in the rabbids’ whacky world!

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree

Give your brain a workout with the Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree and compete against others to see who really has the brains in the family. Fun tests include memory, number crunching, analysis, visual recognition and quick thinking – and the kids won’t even think of it as educational, they’ll be having too much fun trying to beat you.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

Nintendo and Sega team up to give you the best of both worlds – choose from characters from both developers and play against your friends and family in the Olympics. There are plenty of fun activities to choose from – track and field, swimming, high jump, javelin, trampolining, rowing, fencing and even table tennis. You can also play as your own Mii character and unlock special challenges and events!

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  2. Posted by Beat on September 1, 2013

    I already have a wii but no games my mum always try’s to get us some but they are so expensive so if I did win these My family would be the luckiest people in the world

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