Fight your ‘baby brain’ with some top brain training!

Fight your ‘baby brain’ with some top brain training!

Women everywhere know of it, even if they don’t know what to call it but the so-called ‘baby brain’ syndrome affects hundreds of women in the UK every year.

If you are wondering what I’m rambling on about then let me fill you in – the so-called ‘baby brain’ syndrome is the name that mums give to their increased forgetfulness and general scatty behaviour after they become pregnant! Some medical studies have proved that this is indeed the case, while some work to debunk the myth, but just to be sure… a little brain training can’t hurt can it?

There has been a massive surge in brain training games available that help you with your memory, problem solving, mental arithmetic and verbal reasoning which is great news for those who like a challenge.

If you’re the lucky owner of a Nintendo DS then you’ll be spoilt for choice and of course you can take games on the go and practice on the bus, when on your lunch break or anywhere really!

One of the original and best brain training games is called, wait for it, Brain Training! The games were devised with the help of renowned neuroscientist Dr. Kawashima and will test your mental awareness, memory, reasoning and numerical skills and then give you your brain age based on your accuracy and speed. There’s also More Brain Training from the same team which has added features including mental arithmetic, music recital and Sudoku challenges to help improve your concentration and memory.

Another popular game series which includes a huge amount of puzzles, riddles, quizzes and mental challenges is the Professor Layton games which see you helping Professor Layton and his sidekick Luke solving the mystery of the game – by solving countless puzzles along the way. This has every kind of puzzle imaginable and will certainly keep on your toes.

There are also plenty of other games to keep your brain busy including Maths Workout and Maths Training or for crossword lovers there’s the Crossword Collection . There literally is something for everyone and my personal favourite, being a bit of a daytime TV geek, is the Countdown DS game which is just like the TV show with number and word challenges and, of course, the all important conundrums!

So fight off those baby brain symptoms and keep your brain active with loads of brain training exercises!

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Improve your mental agility, problem solving, memory and verbal reasoning with top Brain Training games from!

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  1. Posted by mrs wheway on August 25, 2010

    But professer layton has made my memorey better

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