Get Outdoors and Get Fit – Running

Get Outdoors and Get Fit – Running

If you’re looking to get fit by running this summer then you’ll probably have considered the treadmills in the gym with an eye of trepidation, but if you’d rather avoid the sweaty masses then think about taking a run outside instead.

Running is a great exercise for losing weight and is also one of the best aerobic exercises for physical conditioning of the heart and lungs. Pounding the pavements increases blood blow and oxygen intake, giving you healthier heart and lungs and even lowers cholesterol. Running is also a great calorie burner and is one of the easiest ways to burn body fat, so if you’re looking to get in shape dust off those running shoes (or if you need to, invest in a new pair of running shoes) and get running.

Since the weather has been pretty fine recently running outside is a great option if you don’t want to be stuck in a stuffy gym. If you have a nice local park, woodlands, beach or hiking trails near you then running outside is excellent for enjoying some great scenery and running in peace, rather than being blasted with the upbeat dance music that gyms seem to be so fond of. It’s also a greater test of stamina and self discipline because unlike with a treadmill, you can’t just stop as you will need to complete your circuit so it encourages you to push yourself further.

Remember to be well prepared for running outside though as it is unlikely that there will be any water coolers along the way! Always make sure that you carry enough water to get you through your run and it’s always a good idea to walk your route beforehand, especially if you haven’t been on that particular trail before.

If you are running outdoors then you will obviously be facing more hazards than in a gym. If you’re running in woodland for example then you might have tree roots, mud and rocks to deal with so it is important that you have running shoes with the proper support – a pair of fashion trainers just won’t cut it and you could end up doing damage to your feet or ankles.

Running shoes should offer maximum support so pick a pair that are designed specifically for running – they should feature cushioning support in the heel and forefoot to absorb the impact. Running shoes should also be breathable, flexible and offer superior stability and traction to make running outdoors easier. Most will also be reflective so if you run at night you can be seen.

If you’re looking for a decent pair of running shoes that will support your feet then you can check out the running shoes section here at, remember to read the descriptions carefully to pick a pair that are specially designed for running!

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