Summer Wildlife in Your Garden

Summer Wildlife in Your Garden

No doubt you will have all spent the weekend lazing in the lovely sunshine in the garden and perhaps you weren’t the only one – gardens are havens for all kinds of wildlife and with the RSPB looking to all of us to record the levels of wildlife in our gardens, there’s no better time to keep an eye out and maybe even learn how to attract some critters!

The ‘Make Nature Count’ survey, conducted by the RSPB, doesn’t just want you to look for birds but to keep count of how much wildlife you see – whether it’s hedgehogs, rabbits, frogs, squirrels and even badgers. Of course they are interested in birds and all you keen birdwatchers out there will want to keep your eyes peeled for young blackbird, robin and thrush chicks.

The survey is being carried out to let researchers have an idea of how birds and wildlife are getting on in the UK – in particular after the harsh winter which may have affected the number of birds.

The survey is running right up until the 14th June so if you’re going to be spending time in your garden anyway then why not help out by keeping a tally of what you see? It can be a great activity if you have young children too as they will probably be very keen to do some wildlife spotting! If you want to get involved you can check out the details on the RSPB website

If you want to attract some wildlife into your garden, flowers are a great way of bringing in butterflies and bumble bees as well as birds so here are some ideas!

  • Lavender – this is a great scented plant, it looks great and bees love the flowers while finches like the seeds.
  • Honeysuckle – another great plant for attracting birds and insects, the nectar acts as extra food for birds and small mammals
  • Michaelmas Daisy – butterflies will flock to the flowers
  • Dog Rose – finches are attracted to their hips

There are loads of other options so why not check out our flower and plant section for inspiration and make your garden into a nature haven this summer?

Get it at Littlewoods

Make the most of summer in your garden and get a variety of plants to attract wildlife and keep it buzzing with activity!

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One Comment

  1. Posted by Judi on June 17, 2010

    I am enjoying the warm Summery days, as are my plants, I have had a pair of beautiful butterflies fluttering around, and many bees are going to my lavendar, coleanthus (we call her “Spikey” as she is now over 7′ tall with long spikey leaves)which has 4 huge flowering spikes. My Iris’s have just about done their thing, and I am now waiting on the Lillies to produce…at last count there are 61 flower heads intact – flies/bug have had 3!
    Due to the lack of water the lawn is looking more of a daisy farm than a grassy area, but they attract the bees as well. Once we get to the weekend it will be clean out the fountain, but we will have to be careful as I have seen at least 3 tiny frogs or toads – not sure which they are as they are smaller than a finger nail! Other than trying to get rid of the ants, slugs and snails stopping them eating my Lupins, Pansy’s, and other soft plants I am quite happy sitting under my new purchase from Littlewoods of a 2.4m Wooden parasol. It’s brilliant – the only downsides are it’s heavy, and unlike the old one it doesn’t tilt! But it covers more area and keeps the kitchen away from direct sunlight so it stays a little cooler!.

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