How to host the perfect World Cup party

How to host the perfect World Cup party

Okay I know you don’t need an excuse to have a party, but isn’t the World Cup going to be a great reason to have lots of them – and often?! With a bit of luck, there’ll be some decent weather too so you can break out the barbecue.

 If you have a big, extended family of footie fans, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, mums, dads and cousins who like to get together for the agony and ecstasy of every match, it’s a great excuse to treat yourselves to that Panasonic home theatre system with the 42” Plasma TV you’ve been talking about. Then turn your living room into a state of the art footie watching palace for the die-hard enthusiasts and keep the garden free for the couldn’t-care-less-about-the-game crowd. That’s where you’ll find me, BTW, especially if the sun’s shining. I’ll be on this sun lounger!

 So let’s get party planning:

 1. Start off with nibbles served in this white porcelain chip and dip serving dish

2. Make sure you’ve got plenty of beer & lager cans chilled for kick-off – in this England cooler bag

3. As a lady who loves a glass of pink fizz this six-bottle wine cooler is high on my summer wishlist

4. Include soft drinkers in the fun with England pint glass tankards to toast every glorious goal

5. And if the pink ladies in the garden get a little rowdy, I’ll invest in break resistant wine glasses

And what about something to amuse the kids? I reckon they’ll all enjoy getting their faces painted in England colours even if they aren’t bothered who wins! So what are your football party plans – please share your best ideas below…And upload any pics on our Facebook page. Really want to see your creative use of England face paints!

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