Could you win Littlewoods Football Mum of the Year 2010?

Could you win Littlewoods Football Mum of the Year 2010?

Littlewoods are still hunting for their very first Football Mum of the Year with families across the land being urged to visit to get their nominations in.

Celebrities such as Natasha Hamilton and Sandra Redknapp have already leant their support to the competition, Sandra (married to Harry Redknapp, mother of Jamie Redknapp and auntie to Frank Lampard) recently commented:

“As young mums we’d follow them all over the country to matches, we’d stand in the pouring rain, drag suitcases full of muddy shorts and dirty trainers around and scrub their kits for the next match.

“But it’s all been worth it. It’s easy to say now that it’s all behind me, but I’ve got six grandchildren, four boys and two girls, and it would be fantastic if any of them wanted to follow in Jamie’s footsteps. We would do it all again.”

If you are a mum, or know of a mum who can champion, celebrate and cheer on their family’s love of the beautiful game, Football Mum of the Year is for you. Littlewoods are seeking to celebrate the unsung heroes of football this summer, recognising that mums are often our most valuable player.

Believe it or not, Littlewoods have discovered that two in five mums are actually looking forward to the World Cup so they can spend time with their family.

It’s amazing how many mums week in week out make the effort to ensure their own children enjoy football, be it running a taxi service to matches, making financial sacrifices or simply being the kit washer, and these mums should be rewarded with the special title!

The winning mum will receive £1000 cash and £1000 to spend online at so they can treat themselves from a huge range of HD TV’s, barbecues, beer fridges, football fashion, or even a new wardrobe for their Summer holiday.

The closing date for entry is Wednesday 16 June 2010.

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Enter Littlewoods Football Mum of the Year competition!

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