Girlswear for summer

Girlswear for summer

With the summer holidays just mere weeks away no doubt you and the kids will be getting excited and there’s plenty to organise in the meantime to make sure you’ve got everything packed and ready to go as the last thing you want are the kids moaning because they don’t have the right holidaywear!

I’ve had a meander through the holiday shop here at and there’s loads of choice for girlswear this summer and here are a few of my favourites!

You can never have too many tops as all girls will know and between the ones with ice-cream spilled down them (it happens to the best of us) and the ones with sand in them, you’ll need a fair few. Why not save a few pennies and try getting a multipack such as this pack of five colourful holiday tops or for younger ladies who need the sun keeping off their shoulders try these five short sleeved tees with different patterns and colours.

Shorts and skirts are great if you’re off somewhere lovely and sunny and for summer essentials you can’t go wrong with these two Freespirit shorts which can be worn on their own or with a pair of leggings underneath for more coverage. For those girly girls out there try out these cute ra-ra skirts with polka-dot detailing, there’s two of them so you should be able to mix and match with any outfits.

You will of course need some swimwear, whether  it’s the poolside or the beach that you’ll be lazing on, This 4-piece rainbow set includes a bikini, one-piece and a mini sarong to cover up with too so all eventualities are covered! I also love this 3-piece printed bikini which is really cute and the hat would be especially adorable on little ones.

To top everything off you’ll need a hat to keep your holiday photos from being filled with sunburnt faces. For something simple try these two baseball caps in pink and white which should do the job nicely and I also really like this animal hat which should keep the sun off of the back of the neck too.

If you want to check out the best holidaywear for your girls then take a look at the Littlewoods Holiday Shop today and see what you want in your suitcase!

Get it at Littlewoods

Get the best girlswear for your summer holidays here at

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