Get in Shape For The Summer

Get in Shape For The Summer

We all want to look our best for the summer and while some of you may have gone on a new healthy eating diet, most experts will agree that this is not enough; if you want to tone up and get in shape then you will need to exercise as well!

Unfortunately, your wardrobe might not be quite as ready as you are to embark on a trip to the gym or a run in the park so if you’re in the market for some new sportswear then luckily Littlewoods have got everything that you need.

If you’re planning on hitting the gym then those old jogging bottoms you’ve been using for years to slouch around the house in might not be so great for actual use in the gym. Remember that if you’re using gym equipment you’ll want something that is fairly loose fitting and comfortable, as well as offering support in all the right places.

Adidas have a great range of specialist gym wear including some classic jersey pants which are brilliant for any kind of gym activity and will keep you nice and comfortable with a fairly loose fit, as there’s nothing worse than tight clothing at the gym.

You’ll need a decent sports bra to keep your assets under control ladies; there is no excuse for wobbling all over the place. Balcony bras are all very well but the gym is a place for keeping everything in place and making sure you are well supported. Try this pack of two sports bras to make sure you’re never caught without one!

If you’re a bit like me and tend to overheat at the gym then opt for a lightweight tank top to give you some extra support and can be used in both the gym or if you’re out for a run or cycling. Remember that after a workout that you will need to cool down and as you do your body temperature will lower so for the journey home it is well worth investing in a jersey hoodie to keep you warm.

If you’re a gym bunny, a runner or a cyclist then that’s your standard gym wardrobe sorted right there but if you’re a bit of a water baby and are taking up swimming to get yourself toned for the summer then you’re going to want to get yourself kitted out.

I recently went to the swimming pool in my summer bikini which was most definitely a mistake. When swimming you want something that is structured and supportive and hopefully will cover up any wobbly bits you don’t want on show, so a swimsuit is the way to go. Bikini’s tend to move around all over the place and are better suited to sunbathing that swimming.

With that in mind check out the sportswear-swimwear section where you will find a variety of swimwear that is specially designed for a session in the pool and will keep you streamlined and supported throughout your swim.

So now you’ve got yourself all kitted out all you need to do is get yourself down to your local gym or pool or dust off your bike and you’re all set to get yourself  in shape for the summer. Good Luck!

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