Winter Workout Motivation

Winter Workout Motivation

Plentiful parties, divine dinners, lots of chocs and millions of mince pies… tis the season to overindulge! We are all familiar with that vicious cycle that comes with the holidays: we eat or drink a bit more than planned, then we give up on our health and fitness goals for that day, vowing to start again tomorrow – or more accurately, January. But there’s no need to go down the slippery slope this year. Yes, it is possible to keep up a workout regime, despite all the over-scheduling and over-eating that goes along with Christmas. In fact, we think it’s actually really important – exercise is such an important way of de-stressing and fighting off the winter blahs. It even boosts your immune system so you’re less susceptible to the headcolds that love to settle in at this time of year. That’s why we wanted to share our Top Tips for keeping your workout motivation through Christmas, and into the next year.

Fitbit Alta HRTip 1: Make a plan – and stick to it

Book in your workout time the same way you would a night out with friends or a meeting at work – then keep that commitment to yourself. If you go to a gym, pack your kit bag the night before to save time, and try to book classes in advance, so you’ll have the time already slotted in your diary. If you’re more into running or outdoor workouts, the same principle applies – book time in for yourself! For extra motivation, set a goal and monitor your activity with a Fitbit Alta HR,  it will also give you friendly reminders every now and then to keep you on track.

It’s so hard to get out of bed at this time of year. It’s cold and it’s dark – so make sure that you’re waking up to a warm room by leaving the radiator on over night, or invest in cosy new nightwear and slippers to make getting up in the morning that little bit easier. Have the kettle or coffee maker ready to go so you can have a hot brew to start your day.


Tip 3: Tune in

What songs get you amped up and ready to work out? Why not switch out your morning alarm in favour of motivational music that will make you want to move, rather than hit snooze.  This Pure Evoke Bluetooth Digital Radio will do the trick. Create a playlist of your top high-energy songs and set that as your wake-up call for each morning to start your day on an upbeat note.

Tip 4: Stay at home

No, not on the sofa. This one involves exercising too, but if you just can’t be doing with the frigid temps, or your schedule truly doesn’t allow for an hour at the gym, there’s loads you can do at home, on your own time. Look for free workouts available on YouTube, whether you’re into yoga, Pilates, cardio or weights – you’re sure to find something. Or opt for a few sets of walking lunges, squats, press-ups and planks to get in a fast interval workout. Simple, quick – and free!

Tip 5: Bring a friend

We’re all so busy at this time of year, it can be hard to make time to see friends who also have busy lives. That’s why training with a friend is so perfect. You can have a good catch-up session while you walk outdoors or hit the treadmills. Not to mention, it’s so helpful when friends pick each other up and give each other support. What’s more, it will keep you more accountable if you know you are meant to meet a friend. Put it in your diary and stick to the plan!

Tip 6: Do it in style


Coming from us, does this one really need explaining? You know we’re all about the freshest new styles in workout gear! And it’s more than fashion: we truly believe that when you look good, you feel good, and you take better care of yourself. So yes, get a new pair of trainers to show off in the gym, or some hot running tights and a crop top. Need some inspiration? The Nike Shine Collection is a real statement for those looking to add some style to their workout wardrobe. That’s motivation enough, we should think! (Plus there’s always the Instagram opportunity of snapping a selfie in the gym mirror in your new kit #fitspo.)

Tip 7: Give yourself props

There is nothing more motivational than seeing what you can achieve, so setting goals and tracking progress is an absolute must. Take photos, record your measurements, hit the dreaded scales, or whatever method suits you best. One popular tool for doing all of this for you is a FitBit: it measures your activity, heart rate, step count, calories burnt and even how much water you need to drink daily! Whatever you choose, be your own best inspiration!

Tip 8: Play the long game

Look, we all are going to eat mince pies and chocolate, and have a cheeky glass or two of Prosecco, and that’s absolutely fine. Life is for living and you want to make the most of the festive season. Just remember not to give up entirely if you’ve had a big night: it’s not an all-or-nothing proposition. Focus on your goals think about how you want to feel next summer when the weather is warm and we’re not all hidden under stadium coats. So keep at it and it’ll pay off in the end – we’ve heard it said that summer bodies are made in the winter! And more importantly, it’ll help you feel good about yourself, sleep better, and reduce stress. What’s not to love?



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