Valentine’s Gifts for your loved one

Valentine’s Gifts for your loved one

No pressure, but Valentines Day is just around the corner. Are you stumped for ideas on what to treat your loved one to, on the big day? As ever, we’re here to help, with some specially selected items from Littlewoods we know they will really love.

Part of what makes our loved ones special to us? They’re not like anyone else. So why choose a one-size-fits-all gift? For a gift that goes the extra mile, we love personalised items that let you express how you really feel.

Put his name in lights with the cinematic message board – a gift that you can put to good use 365 days a year to leave each other love notes, to keep that romantic flame burning long past Valentine’s Day! Or, wake him up with a brew, served in our “This is what a sexy boyfriend looks like” mug, inscribed with your own personalised message. What you say is up to you – but we think he’ll get the message!

At the risk of sounding selfish, may we suggest something that will benefit you both? The lovely Brogue manicure set from style icon Ted Baker is uber-masculine, but you’ll be quite happy for him to keep his hands and nails in shape. What’s more, the compact leather-effect case is the perfect size for him to throw in his kit bag for a romantic weekend away!

We find that men often need an extra bit of help with gifting inspiration; even the most well-intentioned blokes can flounder about when it comes to a romantic treat for his best girl. So why not drop some hints (or direct him to the Littlewoods site!)? We have some cute suggestions especially for Valentine’s Day, starting with a luxurious combination: Prosecco and truffles! Yes, ladies, it’s a classic for a reason. We all love a bit of fizz and some nice chocs but to take it one step further, your Prince Charming can have this gift personalised just for you, meaning they are yours and yours only – though it’s probably more romantic to share.

Why not enjoy your indulgent treats in the bath, accompanied by this set of three glorious-smelling Lily Flame candles? Made of the highest quality ingredients in Somerset, England, the brand’s distinctive array of perfumes has captivated loyal fans. And with a burn time of 20 hours each, you can enjoy them for months to come.

And finally… how adorable is the personalised Love Initials cushion cover? You can customise it with up to 5 letters of your choice, but our favourite option is to put both of your initials joined by a plus sign. A small reminded of the love you share, as you cuddle up at night.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Littlewoods!

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