Half-Term Fun

Half-Term Fun

“I’m bored!” have got to be the two words most likely to strike fear into the heart of any parent. We know that half-term holidays can seem a little daunting, especially in February when the weather isn’t always conducive to getting outside. We all want to spend time with the kids when they’re off school, but it’s not always easy to keep everyone happy – and if you’re trying to juggle the demands of more than one age group, then some creative thinking is definitely required! So, read on for some great ideas to make sure it’s a fun February for everyone.

Cinderella CostumeSometimes it’s the simplest, tried and trusted things that lead to the best times. Imaginative play and dressing up never go out of fashion, and your little one will love this Disney Princess Storytime Cinderella Costume to add that extra magical touch to their imaginary world.

Bringing things up to date, this LeapFrog LeapPad wifi-enabled, child-friendly tablet is a great way to let your little darlings have some screen time whilst knowing that they’re learning too. The shatter-proof screen, bumper, and child-appropriate content mean you don’t have to worry about breakages and internet safety. And the education experts at Leapfrog really know what they’re doing when it comes to creating engaging, educational game play.

Speak OutWhether you’re going away or staying at home for half-term, this is the perfect time to play games – and the sillier the better! We’ve done our research and concluded that they don’t come much sillier than Hasbro’s Speak Out game, which requires you to say different phrases whilst wearing a ridiculous mouthpiece which holds your mouth open – and all against the clock. As if that wasn’t silly enough, you’ll have to try and decipher what’s being said over squeals of hysterical laughter!

If you’re looking for something a little more sedate, then we suggest the Trick Sticks Game. You’ll need a lot of patience, focus and skill for this one because, whatever you do, you mustn’t let the marbles drop when you pull out a stick! The person with the fewest marbles in their tray after they’ve removed all their sticks is the winner.

The Good DinasourYou’re going to be exhausted by this stage, so it’s time to dial things down a bit, make a big bowl of popcorn and settle down on the sofa together to watch a film. Disney Pixar’s animation, The Good Dinosaur, imagines an earth where the dinosaurs didn’t die out and where a boy and a young dinosaur become friends, travelling through the dangerous landscape together. It’s the perfect family movie for all ages: heart-warming, imaginative and with a great message.

Ok, so that’s the morning of Day One sorted. Need some more ideas? Why not check out some more of our fantastic kid-friendly products at www.littlewoods.com. Have fun!



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