New Year, New You | Healthy Eating

New Year, New You | Healthy Eating

Every January, most of us go through the same thing. We make our New Years’ resolutions, with the best intentions – only to drop them a few weeks later. That’s why we’re presenting New Year, New You – a series of blog posts that we hope will help you make the lasting changes you want to see throughout 2016, and beyond.

This first of three articles focuses on healthy eating. After perhaps over-indulging at the holidays, we all want to get back to taking better care of ourselves, whether that means losing weight or getting our 5 fruit and veg a day. The key to keeping resolutions is to introduce them gradually into your life, in a way that’s realistic and sustainable – and that won’t make you want to give up entirely if you’ve slipped.

shop-healthy-cookingOne simple way to start is to discover healthier ways to cook your favourite foods. Our chances of keeping to a healthy eating plan start to falter if we feel like we’re being deprived of the things we most like to eat. Fortunately there are a range of appliances that will make cooking (and clean-up) easy, delicious and so much better for you! The George Foreman 10-portion grill is a super-sized twist on the classic model, so you can prepare tasty, nutritious meals for the whole family with ease, and in half the time! Perfect for chicken, grilled vegetables, or even toasties – and it’s a breeze to clean. Still fancy chips? No problem! Meet the Breville Halo 2 Health Fryer, which requires only a small amount of oil to prepare your favourite fried foods, and can also bake, sauté and roast a wide variety of meals.

Next up, look for fun and delicious ways to increase your fruit and veg intake. Add a side of tomato and spinach to your morning eggs, load up your sandwiches and salads with extra bits of healthy flavour – one of our favourite tricks is adding pomegranate and blueberries to salads. Once you start experimenting with different combinations and flavours, you may find it hard to stop – and you’ll soon be meeting your 5 a day with no problem!
shop-blendersOne fantastic way to boost your nutrition – and your creativity! – is with smoothies. Mixing fruit and yoghurt together offers limitless possibilities, and as a bonus, the sweetness and creamy texture satisfy your sweet tooth too! Check out our selection of mixers and blenders, such as the popular Nutribullet Superfood Extractor or the classic KitchenAid Diamond Blender, to find the right appliance for you. We’re getting you started with 4 delicious recipes on our Healthy Eating page, but we think you’ll enjoy experimenting with your own unique creations.

Remember not to get discouraged, and to make small changes that you can maintain. Before you know it, you’ll be eating healthier, with no loss of flavour or fun!

Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy New Year – and stay tuned for our next two New Year, New You articles!


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