Change the way you clean with Vax Cordless!

Change the way you clean with Vax Cordless!

Fed up of having to drag your full size cordless vacuum up and down those stairs? Plugging it in, plugging it out, or even getting tangled in the cord?! If your answers yes, a cordless vacuum will solve all of your problems. Not only will eliminating the restriction of a cord improve your speed, convenience and manoeuvrability, cordless vacuums are quickly becoming an invaluable asset to any home!


From everyday household cleaning to a thorough spring clean, cordless vacuums are increasingly becoming an invaluable asset to any home- that’s why the new Vax Cordless range has the power to change the way you clean! So, if you want to say no more plugging, unplugging and getting tangled in the cord – say hello to the Vax cordless range!

The Vax Air Cordless Lift is the pick of the crop when it comes to cordless vacuums offering you both flexibility and power. Combining the convenience of cordless cleaning with advance steering technology, the Vax Air Cordless Lift is ready to tackle any task! So, whether you need to give your carpet a quick spruce with the full-size vac, or give those hardwood floors a one over, the Air cordless Lift will do just that. But that’s not the best bit, when you need to give those hard-to-reach areas a little TLC, the vacuum is also fully equipped with a lift out cylinder for versatile cleaning just about anywhere – it even has a handy LED light to help you see any hidden dust and dirt)!

Alternatively, if you’re after a lighter vacuum, the Air cordless 2-in-1 stick to vac will be your choice. Perfect for tackling those quick cleaning tasks around the home, this lightweight wire-free vac is easy to move around the home so you can have the cleaning power where you need it most. Plus, when you buy this vacuum you’ll also receive a 20-volt Lithium battery which will give you 15 minutes of running time – perfect for when those annoying, unforeseen messes occur!

If you’re not quite ready to tackle a handheld, the Vax Air cordless upright vacuum cleaner gives you quick, convenient cleaning any time, any place. Not only is this nifty upright easy to manoeuvre around your home it offers you constant powerful suction for up to 50 minutes from a full battery charge making it ideal to clean your carpets and hard floors – especially as it comes fully equipped with a multi-floor brush bar and multiple brush-bar settings! What’s more, with a removable cleaning want that is ideal for cleaning stairs, upholstery and furniture, the Vax Air cordless upright truly offers a total home cleaning!

So, make easy work of your cleaning and go cordless with Vax this spring at

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  1. Posted by Amanda Richardson on April 9, 2015

    This would be great to tackle the difficult jobs to reach with the full size vacuum

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