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We all like to think that no matter what the time of year we’re social butterflies, or people who like to constantly be on the move, doing something important or getting stuff done. But when the weather’s sour throughout winter, get-up-and-go can be somewhat lacking. Instead, a blissful day can include nothing more than pyjamas and your favourite box set.

At Littlewoods, we’ve got a huge amount of box sets to take your fancy, whether you’re a fan of a long-running American hit TV series or British period dramas.

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series DVD is a must if you haven’t seen it yet – or even if you have. When downtrodden high school chemistry teacher Walter White is diagnosed with lung cancer, he decides to use his skills to transform himself into a crystal-meth cook. And it’s amazing from the get-go.

Other box sets which prove addictive from the off include Downton Abbey: Series 1-4 DVDThe Sopranos Series 1-6 DVD, and Gossip Girl – Series 1-6 – Complete. Downton is as popular as ever, and it’s an especially good watch if you like historic England. Ask anyone who’s seen The Sopranos, and they’ll tell you that you have to see it – without fail. And Gossip Girl is a fab teen drama set in the Upper East Side of New York. Plus, we’ve got Game Of Thrones – Seasons 1-3 Blu-ray, so you can enjoy the thrills and anticipation of this popular TV show with a crisp, clear, amazing HD quality picture.

Alternatively, we’ve got comedies to have you chuckling all winter long. How about Only Fools and Horses: Complete Anniversary DVD or Friends: Complete Series 1-10 DVD? The former includes all seven series plus 15 Christmas specials, while the latter is a compact box of all ten series, also including more extras than you can shake a smelly cat at.

Finally, we just had to share our Sabrina The Teenage Witch: The Complete Enchanted Series DVD. Who doesn’t love a 90s classic for kids?!

How quickly can you get through a box set at this time of year?

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