Plan the Perfect Kids’ Party

Plan the Perfect Kids’ Party

To celebrate the start of the school holidays and a busy time for kids parties, we’re sharing some exclusive inside tips on how to create the ‘perfect’ kids’ party…from none other than kids themselves.

We’ve pulled together the thoughts of over 1,000 primary and secondary school children (aged 5 – 13) to reveal a 10-point blueprint of exactly what ticks their birthday party boxes, including everything from activity choice to gift and party bag ideas.

As well as unveiling all, we’ve also shared some of our best birthday buys to ensure the party planning is as stress-free as possible.

Location: Starting with where to host the perfect party. It can often be tricky to find new venues or party themes that other parents haven’t yet explored. But rest assured, kids do not mind if they’ve been to a similar one before, they’re more interested in their parties being fun and adventurous. The top five party activities / themes for boys and girls are:



1. Trip to the theme park

1. Trip to the theme park

2. Go-Karting

2. Sleepover

3. Football party

3. Swimming party

4. Paintball party

4. Going to watch a concert with friends

5. Quasar party

5. Bouncy castle party

Guests: It’s a given – everyone wants their family and close friends around them to celebrate their birthday, but what this research revealed is just how many of each make the ultimate party:

  1. 7 family members;
  2. 10 family friends;
  3. 9 school friends;
  4. 4 Neighbours.

Duration: The perfect length of a kids’ party was revealed as five hours and eight minutes. But don’t worry, if this seems too long, kids are content with parties lasting two or more hours.

Entertainment – As well as the thrill that comes with the theme park, kids love the thought of entertainers at a party too. Topping the list of must-see talent are illusionists, face painters and make-up artists.

PlateLunch – Gone are the days where cheese and pineapple sticks and cocktail sausages are on the party menu, today’s favorites include Nando’s and cheese and tomato pizza (without the crusts).

Wondering what to serve your party food on? Take a look at our great selection – everything from Moshi Monsters to Minnie Mouse.

Music – Move over party CD compilations, today’s kids are going crazy for the latest in pop music. Justin Bieber and The Saturday’s topped the poll as favourites to be played on repeat.

Gifts – Now to arguably the most important element to kids – the presents. Topping the poll for both boys and girls were gadgets, and the technology theme seemed to run down the list too. The top five presents were;




1. Laptop / tablet

1. Laptop / tablet

2. Games console

2. Toys

3. Money / gift voucher

3. Mobile phone

4. Toys

4. Pet animal

5. Mobile phone

5. Clothes


Want to purchase any of these gadgets, toys or clothes? We have a great selection for you to view online.

Cake – Cupcakes might be the trend for some, but the kids surveyed would much prefer one big cake. With no preference on flavour or style, their only request is to have more candles than their age.


Party bags – As is clear, kids want to be showered with celebratory birthday treats, but they also want their guests to feel special too. The ideal party bag would contain nine goodies including; sweets or chocolate, a mini toy, a ‘party essential’ (hat/whistle), birthday cake and if the pennies can be pushed, the dream gift would be a Nintendo DS.

Celebrity guest wish list
– OK, so we get that this part is a little bit silly, but hey, it’s all about the ‘perfect’ party, right? For the boys the dream guest would be football hero David Beckham and for the girls, the five-piece British boy band One Direction topped the list.Need some party bags? We have a fantastic range from Monshi Monsters to Disney Princess embellished bags.

We might not be able to offer the celebrity guests here at Littlewoods, but we do have the One Direction Deluxe Party Pack or their latest CD which might make a nice (and realistic) substitute!

We’re having one big party here at as you may have seen from our brand new TV advert. If you’ve not yet seen it and want to view all our partying attire, you can watch it on our You Tube channel!


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  1. Posted by Kapow Parties on August 6, 2013

    Birthday parties are fun for everyone not just the birthday boy or girl. You can give your kids birthday parties that will deliver tons of fun now and joyful memories later. Thanks!

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