Step-by-Step: Gatineau guide to facials

Step-by-Step: Gatineau guide to facials

Our lovely friends at Gatineau have taken over Littlewoods HQ for the day to show off their fabulous range of skincare products and to give some lucky staff members a cheeky little facial over their lunch hour.

And while facials aren’t always an option for most of us, looking after our skin properly has never ending benefits, not least to fight that war against ageing. So to find out how we can get that facial feeling in the comfort of our own home, we got our colleague Katie to have a Gatineau facial as beauty therapist Kate talked us through it (it’s a tough job, but someone had to do it, hey Katie!) Here’s our step-by-step guide to getting that gorgeous glow…

Kate starts by telling Katie that she has classic combination skin – a slightly oily T-zone but with dry cheeks, often caused by dehydration. Air conditioning and not drinking enough water are key factors to dehydration, which can caused those slightly wiggly lines on your face which can look like ageing skin, and are in fact just symptoms of dehydration. So a good starting tip – use a water based product that won’t cause breakouts (the Aquamemory range is perfect), get plenty of fresh air and drink plenty of water!

Step 1 – Remove your make up

Rule number one – never go to bed with your make up on! Kate uses the Gatineau Floracil Gentle Eye Make Up Remover which is cooling and refreshing, particularly good for sensitive eyes.

Step 2 – Cleanse

Kate uses the Gatineau Silk Cleanser and applies it directly to Katie’s skin with her fingers, rather than on a cotton pad, explaining that massaging it well into the skin really loosens all of those dead cells and dirt that create that dull pallor and causes breakouts. Don’t forget to cleanse your neck as well as your face – one of the worst areas for ageing, it’s essential we look after our neck just as much as any other part of our body.

Cleanse every day to loosen and remove those dreaded dead cells

Step 3 – Tone

Again the Gatineau Silk Toner is Kate’s weapon of choice and is essential to removing any excess cleanser and stubborn dead skin cells, and really refreshes the skin ready for step 4 – the exfoliator!

Step 4 – Exfoliate (twice a week)

This was a revelation to us – exfoliator without any grains?? Yes, really. The Gatineau Refreshing Melting Scrub smells fresh and zesty, and it’s those citrus enzymes that dissolve dull and dead skin cells in the same way a traditional exfoliator would but without any of the pain! Kate advises to massage it into the face and neck for a good 3 minutes, until the texture turns into an oil, and at that point you know the job’s done. The vitamin C base causes no irritation and enhances radiance, boosts colour and gives you that glowing complexion.

The magic grain-free Melting Exfoliator

Step 5 – Tone (again!)

See step 3 and repeat after exfoliating. It’s essential to make sure each product is completely cleared from the face before moving on to the next to avoid clogging up those pores. At this point, if it’s a real treat it would be time to apply your face mask and grab a cuppa, otherwise let’s move on…

Step 6 – Treat your eyes

Kate explains that using a different product around the eye area is key because the skin in that area is 5 times thinner than the rest of the face, so needs to be treated delicately. Using the Gatineau Melatogenine Aox Rejuvenating Eye Concentrate, she pats in a pea-sized amount to Katie’s skin around the eye and underneath the eyebrow, reaching right out to Katie’s (non-existent) crows feet but not the eyelid – this can cause puffiness apparently so it best avoided.

Use the eye concentrate as far out as your crows feet, if you have any!

Step 7 – Serum

Serum is a highly concentrated product which penetrates deep into the skin, unlike moisturiser, and works over time to provide that plumped youthful effect. Kate presses two pumps of the serum in to Katie’s face and neck while explaining that serum can become part of your daily skincare routine, or can be used twice a year for a boost and still have a fabulous effect on your skin.

Small but powerful - a good serum like this Youth Activating one can make all the difference

Step 8 – Moisturise

Using the Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Concentrate to work with Katie’s combination skin, Kate finishes off by massaging it well into Katie face and neck. Helping to nourish and protect skin, the best moisturisers are those with SPF and UV A and B protection, which handily is standard in the Gatineau range.

So whether you’ve got the house to yourself  and fancy a full on pamper, or you’re starting a regular professional-style skincare routine, this is one step-by-step guide that can be followed by everyone and you’ll soon see the results. Check out the full fabulous Gatineau range now, and huge thanks to Kate and the guys at Gatineau for sharing their beauty know how!

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