March Comes In Like A Lion & Goes Out Like A Lamb

March Comes In Like A Lion & Goes Out Like A Lamb

So it’s finally starting to feel like spring is in the air isn’t it? About time. If you’re anything like us here at Littlewoods HQ then you’ll be getting your thinking caps on about how best to celebrate, and we think a delicious meal is the way forward. April is the perfect time of year to cook lamb. Encompassing all things spring-like and quintessentially British, a good lamb recipe will not only be a great family meal but an impressive dish to serve to guests too.

Go for succulent simplicity with some slow-cooked lamb which can be easily accomplished with our Morphy Richards 48703 3.5-litre Slow Cooker – Black. The best thing about slow cookers is their convenience. You can set it in the morning and leave it to work its magic, with wonderful smells wafting around the house. Even better still, the cooking pot is removable so you can even prepare your meal the night before, refridgerate it and cook the next day. Simply add onions and thyme to your lamb and you’ll be astounded by the results.

Alternatively, you can cook your lamb in the oven with the Gino D’Acampo 37 cm Roasting Tray, Rack and Carving Set, which has got everything you need. As well as the roasting tray, you can use the rack to let your lamb rest and the carving set to, well, carve. Slice up some potatoes and add them to your tray and drizzle the whole lot with red wine gravy. Scrummy.

If you’d like to experiment with lamb then how about some foreign cuisine? Opt for a Moroccan lamb dish with apricots, almonds and mint (the Denby 22cm Cast Iron Round Casserole Dish is perfect for this) because you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make. Find yourself a decent recipe and it’s really a case of adding ingredients one after the other.

Another great shout is lamb curry, which is best made in a large wok like our Typhoon Signature 14 inch Non-stick Wok. Accompany your lamb with garlic, onions, a variety of spices or curry paste, tomatoes and tomato puree for the perfect concoction. And for a healthy (yet tasty) boost, be sure to add some spinach leaves in the last two minutes too.

We hope that’s left you feeling inspired.

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What's your favourite lamb recipe?

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