The Perfect Easter Weekend With The Kids

The Perfect Easter Weekend With The Kids

Good Friday is fast approaching and – especially if you’re a parent – you know what that means… it’s time to load up on chocolate and prepare for giddy children. In fact, it’s possibly the second happiest time of year for your young’uns after Christmas. To ensure your Easter weekend is full of nothing but smiles and full stomachs, take a look at some of our favourite Easter treats, which includes chocolate (of course) and some fun activities too.

Let’s start with something that just cannot be forgotten – Easter eggs. The Thorntons Kids Easter Bundle is a great all-in-one jobby that has two Easter eggs (one suitable for girls and one for boys) as well as lollies, a Caramel Melts Treat egg and milk chocolate dippy eggs. It’s the perfect combination.

There’s also the personalisation route. Buy the Personalised Easter Bunny Chocolate Bar and Card for a sentimental touch (“Mummy, this chocolate has my name on it!”) or opt for something cute and cuddly like the Personalised Pink Easter Bunny and Mini Eggs.

The Personalised Easter Bunny Sweet Jar is another great buy. And while giving them this personalised collection of sweeties would probably make their morning, why not make their day and plan an Easter egg hunt with these goodies thrown into the mix too? Simply hide them around the house or garden carelessly until they find them all or – if you want them to earn their prizes – turn it into a quiz e.g. “You’ll find me where daddy keep his car keys” or “I’m hiding in your favourite toy.” You’ll find them getting even happier when they know they’ve got one right.

For a little R&R – which both you and the children will have definitely earned – why not stick on a DVD? We’ve got the Bugs Bunny: Easter Funnies DVD to keep them entertained, which centres on one big Easter egg hunt. Or how about introducing slightly older children to an absolute classic? Sing along to Easter Parade with Judy Garland and Fred Astaire.

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