Sweet dreams

Sweet dreams

Sleep is important. Fact. And with 60% of people not getting enough of it – whether that’s from the stresses of daily life, through choice for work or play, or from a medical condition – an understanding of its benefits is more important than ever. National Sleep Awareness Week (which runs from 5-11th March this year) is all about education. Sleep deprivation can cause a myriad of short-term problems from decreased alertness to stressful relationships to a general poor quality of life. Let it carry on without improvement? The long-term problems include obesity, heart problems and psychiatric problems to name a few.

If you’re looking to improve your sleeping pattern then Littlewoods is the place to be, because there’s one thing that’ll surely help: decent bedding. Not only is a comfortable bed far more relaxing, but it can look seriously inviting too. Something like the Kirstie Allsopp Henrietta Duvet Cover will ensure a pretty bedroom offering dreamy chill-out time. For pure luxury, there’s also our Jeff Banks Ashbury Luxury Bed in a Bag – a beautifully deluxe set.

It’s not just about your covers of course. For ultimate comfort, make sure you’ve thought of everything. We’ve got the Dreamland Soft to Touch Microfibre Duvet, the Cloud Nine Pillow (you’ll never want anything else inside your pillow covers) and the Downland Memory Foam Mattress Topper, which, again, you won’t know how you managed without.

From there you can work on other ways to improve a night’s sleep. Good tips include making sure your room is very dark, not to work from your bed so that it’s purely for relaxation and don’t watch TV or look at back-lighted products (i.e. mobile phone, tablet) before you sleep. But finding out what works for you is the key.

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What helps you to get a good night's sleep?

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