Dress the kids for Christmas morning

Dress the kids for Christmas morning

Before you begin the epic struggle on Christmas Eve of trying to get the kids to sleep, it might be worth thinking about what they’ll be wearing when they wake up on the big day – they won’t be doing much all morning beyond playing with their gifts, so you’ll need something to keep them comfortable and warm for the duration; at least until you can finally manage to get them changed ahead of your afternoon visits!

Demo Zombie Boys Pyjamas

The Demo Zombie Boys Pyjamas comes with two pairs of pyjama trousers and two tops; one says “I pretend to sleep” while the other displays a zombie warning sticker! Don’t let the scary message take away from these comfortable and stylish clothes though; your boys will be modelling just the right look as they unwrap some of the spookier presents you might have bought for them!

Ladybird Christmas Reindeer Girls Fleece Sleepsuit

Meanwhile for the girls, the Ladybird Christmas Reindeer Girls Fleece Sleepsuit is perfect for the child who’ll be downstairs buried in Christmas wrapping faster than you can say “five more minutes in bed please!” She’ll just love the cute reindeer design, in Christmassy colours of white and red – and in case she’s not already excited enough for Christmas morning, this lovely outfit will do the trick!

Demo Boys Hooded Robe

To add a touch of class to the boys’ Christmas morning outfit, as well as a lot of warmth and comfort, why not try the Demo Boys Hooded Robe – although you’ll have the heating on to make it nice and cosy, the robe is the ideal addition to tidy up their appearance as they slouch around with new games to play. Best of all, it comes with large pockets; better keep an eye out when they try to sneak a few chocolate treats out of the kitchen!

And for the girl who likes a lot of pink in her life, bring some sparkle to the day with the Peppa Pig Girls Pyjamas. Peppa Pig is a huge TV hit, and your kids will soon be fans of the show (if they aren’t already) once you’ve dressed them in these vibrant pyjamas. The cosy shade of pink will light up any room – along with their faces on Christmas Day of course – so why not celebrate Princess Peppa, Ice Dancer at the same time?

There’s so much choice for dressing up your kids on Christmas Day – and they’ll be just as excited about their new clothes as they are about their shiny new presents!

Get it at Littlewoods

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