Christmas toys at Littlewoods

Christmas toys at Littlewoods

For kids Christmas is the most exciting time of year, and the anticipation of waiting for Santa turns into an excited frenzy by Christmas Eve. However, the reality for parents isn’t always the idealistic one of wrapping the presents with a glass of something fizzy while your little angels sleep. Here at Littlewoods we have you covered, so by Christmas Day you can sit back and relax as they’re enthralled with their new toys and quietly playing away for hours.

Toys Galore

Whether you’re buying for your kids or someone else’s it can be difficult to know exactly what to buy. With children’s tastes changing so often sometimes the easiest thing to do is buy a soft toy. Funny Monkey is a soft toy with a twist; this cute little creature wriggles and giggles whenever you press his hand. This cheeky chap will steal the hearts of younger girls and boys alike and is an ideal gift for a variety of age ranges.

If you’d prefer to tailor your gift a little more, then we have plenty of the must-have gifts this season along with some old classics. With films like The Avengers fetching superheroes back into the limelight there are plenty of boys hoping Santa will fetch them a favourite superhero action figure. This Web Shooting Spiderman will provide hours of fun fighting crime and saving the day.

For those little girls who love to dress up and – much to Mummy’s dismay – play with hair and makeup, this Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Spot Splatter Splash doll means plenty of makeover fun without raiding your wardrobe. This special ragdolls is rumoured to magically come to life – and her hair bends every which way and can be styled, along with her pet’s, in so many different ways.

With so much choice here at Littlewoods toy shopping has never been easier – and we’re pretty sure your kids will love it too.

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