Safety in style with personal safety devices

Safety in style with personal safety devices

ila DUSK Personal Alarm - Black Leopard

ila DUSK Personal Alarm - Black Leopard

With winter on the horizon and the nights drawing in rapidly we start to think of getting cosy on the sofa with our loved ones as the weather turns a little colder. Although there are a lot of great aspects to winter no one really likes walking home in the dark or worrying about the kids travelling home from school as dusk approaches.

For those who value safety but are also fashion conscious, as we know you are, here at Littlewoods we are now offering some super stylish personal safety devices, like the ila DUSK Personal Alarm, to help keep you and your belongings safe throughout the darker months.

ila WEDGE Door Alarm

ila WEDGE Door Alar

Ila HOOK’s hand bag hook and compact mirror is a wonderful accessory to have in any bag. You may not be aware but most women’s handbags contain items worth up to £350! Having said that we all know losing a handbag is more than money and make up – it wreaks havoc within our already chaotic lives. This nifty little gadget can be used whilst you’re out and about, having a coffee with friends or at a business lunch, to keep your bag off the floor and out of sight and reach of thieves.

If you’re lucky enough to be escaping the winter misery to sunnier climes the last thing on your mind would be a lock for the suitcase, but when travelling abroad it’s essential to protect your belongings. The ila WORLDLOCK luggage lock is a trendy way to do it; it can also help you spot your case at baggage claim.

ila WORDLOCK Luggage Lock

ila WORDLOCK Luggage Lock

Perhaps you’re not going on holiday but just going on a business trip or away to University. That means nights away from the comfort of your own home and for those used to a busy, bustling house it can feel a little odd. A little extra comfort can be added with ila WEDGE’s door alarm; the snazzy door wedge is placed close to the door alerting you when it’s opened with a 130 decibel alarm (so you’re guaranteed to wake up!).

Just because the nights are getting colder and darker doesn’t mean you have to abandon all those good habits you picked up during the summer. If you got your running shoes in gear over the past few months you can use ila SPORT’s pedometer and running alarm to help you keep track of your exercise and give you that extra peace of mind when it comes to your safety either clipped to clothing or simply carried in your hand.

Whatever your plans for the winter, make sure you stay safe with our range of great personal safety products.

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