Comic Book Toys

Comic Book Toys

After the blockbuster summer of superhero films, you might find that your kids are eager to carry on living out the adventure during playtime. So why not fire their imaginations with a wide range of toys and games straight from the comic books!

LEGO Super Heroes Ultrabuild figures

The range of LEGO Super Heroes Ultrabuild figures allows kids to enjoy all the fun of building a Lego set with the excitement of epic adventures with the people you build. Solve crimes and clean up the streets as Batman, or be the source of the mischief as The Joker! Marvel figures from The Avengers are available as well as the cream of the DC universe, so the kids can also enjoy causing some rampant destruction as The Hulk, or protecting the citizens as Captain America. The Ultrabuild figures provide hours of entertainment and building fun.

Avengers Accessories!

The Avengers was the biggest superhero event of the year, and if your kids enjoyed seeing the most exciting superhero team in all of comics, then why not help recreate their favourite parts from the film with the help of the Avengers Thor Thunderstrike Hammer or the Marvel Avengers Captain America Attack Shield! Protect mankind from super-powered villains with these fun exciting superhero accessories!

Kids of all ages have role models, and being able to recreate the look of their heroes would be a real kick for them – so why not check out the range of costumes available. Perhaps your little ones want to protect the streets of Gotham City – in which case they could team up as Batman and Robin! The Boys Robin Deluxe Fancy Dress Costume is a great choice for the sidekick – just as long as there’s no arguing over who gets to play the Dark Knight! The Boys Batman (The Dark Knight) Fancy Dress Costume features a great-looking utility belt on which to place all those crime-fighting gadgets.

Superhero Fancy Dress

If your little ones prefer Superman or Spiderman, then there are still plenty of options for some fun dressing up! The Amazing Spider-Man Deluxe Fancy Dress Costume is a great choice for the little web-slinger in your life, while giving them the Boys Superman Deluxe Fancy Dress Costume means you won’t be able to catch them running around the garden – they’ll be faster than a speeding bullet!

With all these great choices for the comic fan, your kids are guaranteed hours of fun pretending to play their favourite superhero!


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