Top Tech for the Summer Holidays

Top Tech for the Summer Holidays

The summer holidays is a great time to get kitted out with the latest tech; whether you need something on which to play music during those long walks in the park, or a new camera to capture memories of happy families on sunny days, Littlewoods has everything you’ll need with its huge stock of all things gadget.

Apple 2Gb iPod Shuffle

Whenever you’re out and about, whether it’s a quiet walk in the countryside or a high-energy jog around the park, you’re sure to want some music to keep you focused and relaxed. The Apple 2Gb iPod Shuffle is a great way to store your favourite music – there’s enough room on there for 25 of your favourite albums – and its functional yet stylish design means it’ll fit comfortably and look beautiful on your belt clip.

When you take the kids on holiday, it’s always a great opportunity to take home some memories to treasure forever. It’s easy enough to take out your camera phone to take a quick pic or a video of the sandcastle they built – or the mess they made with their ice cream! – but to get the best results of those magic moments, it’s best to invest in some proper gear.

Sony HDR-CX250E Camcorder

The Sony SX21 Camcorder is a top video camera from a top-of-the-range manufacturer, and with its face recognition and stabilising abilities, there’s no chance of a blurry shot! If you’re looking for an even better quality of video, the Sony HDR-CX250E Camcorder is hard to beat. It shoots in full HD quality, and its wide-angle lens means youwon’t miss any of the details. Like other cameras in the range, with the HDR there’s also the option to purchase a memory card and case at half price!

Fuji JV300 14 Megapixel Digital Camera

Although some video cameras can take still images, it can feel a bit unwieldy if you just want to get a quick snap. The best choice would be a lightweight yet durable digital camera to more easily get those pictures without the hassle of twiddling with a lens or tearing your hair out with troublesome software. The Fuji JV300 14 Megapixel Digital Camera is a great way to take easy shots with great results; as the 14 megapixel camera is sure to please thanks to the highest quality of image.

So when you’re on your summer holidays and in need of some techy fun, check out the electrical products available from Littlewoods.

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