We chat to Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen about his new range

We chat to Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen about his new range

We managed to grab some time with the fabulous interiors expert Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen to have a chat with him about his new home collection for Littlewoods and he answers a viewer question from Littlewoods Live, which took place on the Littlewoods Facebook page on the 13th June…

The Scaramouche bronze range

Laurence, can you briefly explain your key interiors trends for Autumn Winter?

The most important interior trend for Autumn Winter is comfortable, easy going, everyday glamour. The days of wanting to come home to an environment that feels like your office, all beige and bright whites, are long gone. We’re now as a nation wanting to nuzzle and nest in very sensuous interiors.

 What are the main colour palettes used in your new collection?

Colour is definitely very rich, very dark and very opulent at the moment, but don’t fear it, it doesn’t mean that your going to end up with a claustrophobic space. I use a lot of texture in my darker colours, so things like the very rich amethyst or ruby, or contrasting shiny satins with matt velvets really helps in reflecting a bit of light back and giving a self of layered richness which means you don’t end up with an interior that looks like the inside of a coal scuttle.

If you could name one item that really encapsulates the style of your new collection, what would it be?

Probably the new range of Scaramouche bronze furniture. Mirrored furniture always does a really good job in small interiors for reflecting light and space, but I’ve brought out a new take on it using an art deco inspired wonderfully indulgent pink champagne colour that I think creates a beautiful, very golden very luxurious light in any interior.

Accessorise for simple but stunning style

How can we add some texture to a room without clashing too many styles together and making the room too busy?

The secret is always to think of your room in the same way you think of what you wear. Most people are now very confident and comfortable in their own sense of style when it comes to their wardrobe using textures and patterns, accents and accessories. Really the same kind of approach always works very, very well with an interior. Never forget that an interior needs to be easy going, it’s not something that your going out into the big wide world and being judged on, so let it become a little bit crazy and a little disordered. There’s nothing wrong with abandoning your favourite pair of shoes or that party frock you were wearing last night in your bedroom as accessories. If they’re beautiful, if they’re important to you, I think they should be a part of your life.

Littlewoods Live viewer question:

Emma Amess-Houghton asked ‘I’m a bit stuck really, live in a rented house and have to keep walls magnolia any ideas please’

Colour is such a fabulous way of bringing a sense of identity and personality to the mix but if you’re limited to what you can do on the walls think about using cushions, lamp shades and decorative accessories, anything that can bring a real sense of ‘I live here’ into your scheme. But don’t abandon the idea of bringing a bit of interest in to the walls; think about large art pieces and don’t necessarily feel you have to hang them on a nail, propping them up against the wall or the mantelpiece or even on the windowsill gives a wonderful sense of boho portfolio decorating that can bring a really innocuous interior to life.

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  1. Posted by mia hughes on July 14, 2012

    Really loved the new colours and ideas

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