Stars of the show – new Christmas advert!

Stars of the show – new Christmas advert!

It’s fun, it’s festive, it’s full of really cute kids, yes it’s our new Christmas TV advert! It first hit our TV screens yesterday morning so it’s quite likely that you would have seen it by now. And if you haven’t caght it on the box yet you may well have seen it online, as it’s been on our You Tube channel since mid October along with the brilliant behind the scenes footage.

Set in a Christmas school play with a chorus of children, a cool street dance group and a curious spider, the children sing along to a re-recorded version of the 1960s  Terry Scott song ‘My Brother’, which incorporates the gifts Mum has bought for the whole family for Christmas. The ad takes a light hearted look at how the family comes together at Christmas and provides some gift inspiration that is often much needed in the early stages of Christmas planning!

So visit our website to watch the show and see how long it takes before you start humming along to the tune…

If you loved that (and we hope you do) you should check out the behind the scenes video and extras for more funny moments and an explanation about spider boy (in case you were wondering!).

Of course it wouldn’t be Christmas without a little giveaway, so we took the ad to Facebook where we’re running a huge competition to win the gifts from the ad. Yes that’s right, the Xbox, the Apple MacBook, the watch, the toys…it’s a huge prize and one person every week will win it until the 20th November. And because we love spreading the joy, a further 10 people every week will win £100 to spend with Littlewoods just by entering the bonus draw!

So get into the festive spirit, let your feet start tapping and we promise you’ll know all the words in no time!

Get it at Littlewoods

Watch our TV and all the extras at!

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  1. Posted by will on November 22, 2011

    Littlewoods you should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. Posted by Mykey Boy on November 22, 2011

    Nothing better than ruining everything for everyone.

  3. Posted by Mr. Anderson on November 23, 2011

    For gods sake, grow up you morons! Seems the adults are more petty than the children these days! The only reason you’re moaning is because you have this comments section to do so. If you still had to write a letter to Anne Robinson at Points of View, you wouldn’t bother.

    Are you incensed about the John Lewis ad the world is going nuts over as well? Poor child eh? Santa delivers loads of Christmas presents to him but he has to spend his hard earned pocket money buying ONE present between his TWO parents. Wheres his Santa now eh? He must feel really aggrieved!

    Honestly, stop whining. If you are genuinely a Littlewoods shopper in the first place, do you honestly think we believe you’re going to shop somewhere else for Christmas because Littlewoods ruined your childs lives, you’re the ones that need to step away from the magic fairy dust!

    Merry Xmas!

  4. Posted by Bev CH on November 23, 2011

    This is a dreadful advert – Littlewoods you should be ashamed. Shame on you!

  5. Posted by rachel moran on November 23, 2011

    i am so angery with littlewoods thanks to this advert my 2 daughters dont think that santa brings the presents anymore and inturn has ruined christmas for me and my family, Thank you littlewoods for the worst christmas ever you had no right to do that.

  6. Posted by Santa on November 23, 2011

    Ho ho ho everyone!

    Th North Pole is rockin’ right now with us all getting ready for the festive season and I’m getting shape for the forthcoming all-nighter but there seems to be a bit of a rumpus about my non-existence so I thought I’d better say hello and set the record straight.

    This advert by Littlewoods doesn’t mean I don’t exist, far from it! I’m knackered already getting things ready so I need a little help from the mums and dads of the world now and again to keep the myth alive. If any of you parents think that I can do it all on my own, well, you’re pretty selfish and don’t know much about me and maybe you need to be reminded yourselves!

    It seems the Grinch has gotten to those of you who are leaving comments this year. Can’t you just enjoy the onset of the festive season without resorting to name calling and moaning. Do you think thats a good example to set your kids or is it because you can do in secretly offload your gripes on here and and you don’t have to answer to anyone?

    Instead of getting upset because your children saw an advert, why don’t you reassure them that Santa really does exist and needs help from mummies and daddies sometime to make sure their lovely kids get the gifts they deserve. And to the guy moaning about working his poor fingers to the bone, try sorting out presents for the whole world on your own, THATS proper hard work fella!

    Instead of jumping all over some TV advert thats trying to bring the magic of a family Christmas to everyone, take a look at your own family and wonder does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? Is it really worth getting upset about? Isn’t making this time of year special for your own kids, no matter what they believe, the most important thing? I think you know the answer to that.

    One last thing, don’t forget I know who’s been naughty or nice so most of you have just blown the gift I had lined up and your kids are most likely going end up with the Ipad this year!

    Have a good one and remember, keep the faith!


  7. Posted by Heinrich on November 23, 2011

    I’m glad my children aren’t old enough to understand where their presents come from. If they were it would be a shame if they ever saw this moronic advert.

    What where you people thinking!?

  8. Posted by E Campbell on November 23, 2011

    Sickening advert Littlewoods! No festive spirit at all. Where is Santa? Where is baby Jesus? It’s all take, take, take!!! In my opinion it is allowing people, especially young children to believe that they can only be happy when they get what they want and parents can only be happy when they can provide. All the gifts shown are extremely expensive, especially during times as hard as this. What you should be showing is that happiness comes from love, and love cannot be bought. I think it’s about time we, as a nation changed our attitudes about the festive season, make it more about being close to family and less about how much money we spend on each other!

  9. Posted by Stuart WIlson on November 23, 2011

    Er, calm down everyone. I’m pretty sure that nowhere in the entire advert does it say Santa doesn’t exist. It merely says that ‘mum’ bought a load of presents for people. Isn’t that what happens in most families across the UK? (Sorry dads, but it’s true…and I am one!). The opening line says ‘who put an xbox under the tree’ which seems to be the “offending” line that has got everyone so cross, but ‘Santa’ doesn’t put all the presents under the tree (not in my family anyway, and not even when I was a kid). Santa puts the presents in a sack/stocking at the end of the child’s bed in most cases. I’m not sure I get why people are so upset. There are a gazillion adverts on tele at the time of year showing people buying/wrapping presents and putting them under a tree. Why is this any different?

  10. Posted by JamesLacey on November 23, 2011

    This is ridiculous. You’re all being so pathetic and whingy about this – probably because you all love a social media lynching… just like the insane response to Waitrose last week.

    Without a single ounce of troll in me, I’d like to point out what the critical mass of pitchfork wielding, [likely]suburban, middle-class Neanderthals seem to have conveniently forgotten about your sacred Christmas…

    A – The actual tradition is that Santa fills stockings not trees. I doubt there isn’t a single pissed-off parent on here that doesn’t openly give family members presents in front of their precious, precocious brats.

    B – Christmas is more about gratuitous spending than Christianity and everyone of you has been quietly content with that for years. It is excuse to splurge. We literally live for it. We are capitalists, and so is your sacred faith structure. Don’t be repugnant.

    C – Nothing in the ad implies reckless spending or use of credit outside of your own personal wealth. Get a grip and stop making up reasons to be upset.

    D – SPENDING IS THE ONLY THING THAT WILL SAVE THIS DOOMED HEAP OF CRAP ECONOMY WE’VE BEEN FORCED INTO. If you want to protect your spawn, it’s probably more important they have a stable economy with jobs and prospects to look forward to than the fleeting belief they might still hold in a fictional character that only exists to personify a moral value [generosity, benevolence, gratitude] you should be able to instill into your kids yourself anyway.

    E – Everyone seems to have forgotten that our modern carnation of Santa is arguably the intellectual property of Coca Cola Limited anyway!

  11. Posted by mrs d nash on November 23, 2011

    most children are told in schools now that santa isnt ads spoil it too so dont blame littlewoods. you have to use your common sense if your children still believe in santa. order your goods. be discreet and hide them when they are delivered. simple as that.if it wernt for littlewoods a lot of children wouldnt get pressies as parents dont always have ready cash

  12. Posted by Rob Thompson on November 23, 2011

    An appallingly greedy, sexist and rapacious advert that corrupts even something as magical as the kiddies xmas play. What kind of people do you have working for you Littlewoods? What on earth possessed you? What knd of company are you?

  13. Posted by James on November 23, 2011

    I had to watch this ad to understand all the negative buzz it’s generating. At no point did I notice that it alludes to the fact that Santa doesn’t exist. It does mention that Mummy has put lots of lovely presents under the tree several times but that’s what happens isn’t it? People put presents for each other under the tree.
    The fact seems to be that Littlewoods is targeting women so it’s not surprising that they make a mother who shops at Littlewoods into a heroine in the eyes of a cast of cute children.
    All those complainants get over yourselves – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this ad at all.

  14. Posted by Michael on November 23, 2011

    Littlewoods is apparently choosing to ignore all of you; the comments on this blog go back over two weeks and nothing has changed- not even a blog post update to address the issue.

    I’ve made a formal complaint to the ASA and ask that you do too in the hope of maintaining the idea of Christmas for little kids across the UK:

    When asked for a URL of the advert, paste:

    Littlewoods: do something PLEASE.

  15. Posted by Saint Nicholas on November 23, 2011

    Hello there Littlewoods,

    Well, well, well… It seems that someone has been spreading vicious rumours with regards to who is actually leaving presents under the tree at christmas time. The elves are up in arms, having worked their little boots off all through the autumn months knocking together playstation 3’s and putting all of the plans in place, I don’t even know how to break it to Rudolph… It’ll break his heart.

    I’ve been trying to come to terms with this slap in the face all day long, fighting to find some good that could come out of this travesty. “Maybe it’s a good thing that the kids won’t be trying to stake you out this year” says Mrs Claus, well I disagree, how can it possibly be good to travel to every corner of the globe delivering good will and yet not receive an ounce of credit.

    I hope this advert brings you a massive increase in profit this year as you’ll need it to pay the solicitors fee’s come January.

    I’ll see you in court.


    K Kringle.

  16. Posted by MattN on November 24, 2011

    @James Lacey – I don’t really follow your argument. Littlewoods is essentially a credit company that admits to targeting ‘low income families’ with exhorbitant interest rates (32.9%APR). Isn’t the crap UK economy partly the result of us having to bail out Northern Rock to the tune of nearly £50bn because it had been lending money to people who couldn’t afford it. That’s precisely Littlewoods strategy. If all its customers paid back within the ‘easy payments period’ its business model would collapse, so its whole strategy is precisely to encourage people to spend outside their wealth.

  17. Posted by admin on November 24, 2011

    Hi Michael, please be assured that we are certainly not ignoring any comments on this blog post. As with all channels, we are taking all feedback and passing to the relevant teams and we very much appreciate all thoughts and opinions on our advert, whether they’re positive or negative. Thanks.

  18. Posted by Jo mother of 2 on November 25, 2011

    I don’t think it specifically says anything about Santa/FC not existing – although it has tones of this which ios bad enough in itself.
    What upsets me more is the materialistic content of the advertising (and encouraging the children to want) the most expensive things in the shop.

    This I find particularly disgusting.

    I will not be shopping at Littlewoods again. Appalling.

  19. Posted by Jo mother of 2 on November 25, 2011

    And by the way ‘Admin’, pull the damn plug before my children start asking why they can’t have an XBox or a phone or whatever else that’s just too expensive for us to be able to afford this year.

  20. Posted by JO on November 25, 2011


  21. Posted by John on November 25, 2011

    I think the advert is great. I think you lot a making a massive fuss about nothing. the advert doesn’t actually say that “Santa” doesn’t exist, merely that mum and dad will buy some great gifts! seriously people, sort it out!!

  22. Posted by simon wilks on November 25, 2011

    In these harsh economic times, it is disgusting the way Littlewoods is promoting matarialism in this way. Aside from the fact it ruins the Santa belief. I will never be shopping in Littlewoods again. Abysmal advert.

  23. Posted by Ali on November 25, 2011

    First of all what a great Xmas advert
    Second I do not understand what all the fuss is about
    I have a five year old boy who loves this advert he is in no way interpreting it as Santa not existing. He like many other children understands that you can’t have everything in this world but what you do have has to be paid for even Santa has to be paid
    As for thanking mums that doesen mean Santa doesn’t exist it just means that mums buy things as well as santa which is a good message as when my boy wants something too expensive he understands he may not get it as I still have to pay Santa
    Please don’t remove this ad my boy sings the song all day as he loves it so much

  24. Posted by BubbaJay on November 25, 2011

    Regardless of whether anyone likes or dislikes this advert and whatever the “message” is its trying to convey, either implicitly or explicitly, the fact is, it’s aimed at children and therefore breaks ASA advertising rules.

  25. Posted by Ali on November 25, 2011

    First of all this ad is great
    Second what has got into everyone? Why do you think this is a bad message for kids?
    I have a five year old who in no way thinks this ad means there’s no Santa. He like many of his friends understand that Santa brings some things and mums, dads and other people bring other things. He also understands that things have got to be paid for by parents whether they go out and buy it or whether they send the money to Santa.
    Please don’t remove this ad my five year old loves it he spends all day singing the song
    Great job littlewoods

  26. Posted by C on November 25, 2011

    Encouraging spending money you dont have to become a ‘luvvly luvvly muvva’ as the brats sign is abhorrent. This is what started the credit crunch, we dont need adverts telling us to make it worse. Moronic.

  27. Posted by F@Wian on November 25, 2011

    2 Points:
    I know a boy who discovered that his mother had been lying to him about Father Christmas, and when he made the inevitable discovery that the said fiction did not exist, he was furious with his mother. He wasn’t upset that FC didn’t exist – it was the fact that mum had lied to him. Don’t you think we should be teaching our kids to speak the truth, by practising it before them?
    2. The advert fits the picture of a selfish, materialistic Britain, where her children are occupied only with what they can get.
    3. Christmas is in any case originally a pagan festival devoted to the worship of the sun-god covered with a veneer of Churchianity. Jesus wasn’t born at this time of year anyway, but around September/October.

  28. Posted by Gus Shaw on November 26, 2011

    Cynical and does nothing to endear Littlewoods to consumers.

  29. Posted by Liv on November 26, 2011

    This advert makes my stomach churn, it promotes greed and materialism in children, it also shows children assessing the worth of their mother by how many presents she has bought and how expensive they are. If this is acceptable to littlewoods then more fool them, I do not know anyone with moral fibre to like this advert. This is blatant manipulation via children in an advert and I think it’s disgusting. Not only that but the pronunciation of ‘muvver’, seriously, is this really good enough? I have looked at littlewoods website. The prices are always extortionate and they offer anyone ‘credit’, to ‘help’ out. Certainly a company I would never use. They even offer ‘buy now, pay later’, and that you will… because they do not freely inform you of the interest rate on that ‘free’ money. Littlewoods are no better than a loan shark.

  30. Posted by ok jelly baby on November 26, 2011

    Its an appallingly bad advert, with kids conforming to social stereotypes & confirming that unless you purchase items with brand names, the presents are not worth having. Add to that a hugely irritating song and some very annoying children and you have an advert that makes me change channel as soon as I see the start.

  31. Posted by jayne on November 26, 2011

    Dont any of you out there take your kids xmas shopping to buy gifts for family and friends, lets face it kids need to learn that giving is more pleasurable than taking and Santa only brings the gifts in their stocking. Or are you wanting your kids to grow up greedy and expecting everything comes from santa. Santa has not been abolished he just was not mentioned. no one in the advert says he does not exist. get real folks its an advert its up to you to keep the magic of xmas in your own home…. some cultures dont have santa !!

  32. Posted by GED on November 26, 2011

    Take on extra debt to pay for a christmas you can’t afford or you’re a bad parent.
    Nice take on the spirit of Christmas Littlewoods.

    Just to let you know, I won’t be spending any money with you any time soon.

  33. Posted by Dee Hayward on November 26, 2011

    We LOVE this advert in our house, my 2 girls aged 10 and 6yrs (who still firmly believe in Father Christmas) really enjoy this advert and Christmas has in no way been ruined! My daughters have been brought up to believe that Father Christmas brings the gifts in their stockings and mummy and daddy work bloody hard which provides them with a special big gift! They haven’t even questioned it because of this advert they (we all!) just adore the little girl! Well done Littlewoods!

  34. Posted by Random on November 26, 2011

    Saw the advert for the first time today (26/11), I don’t have kids but the first thing it made me think was, Santa doesn’t exist. Littlewoods will be loving all this publicity but it is a rubbish advert. Ba Humbug!

  35. Posted by ajp on November 27, 2011

    I love this advert! Thankyou Littlewoods for giving us loving mothers some well deserved credit, my little boys sing this around the house “my mothers wicked” and i think its lovely! cant believe all of the bad comments!! do you people who are complaining not buy gifts for family members??
    my kids believe in santa and we will be having a very magical christmas, Mammy and Santa work together 🙂

  36. Posted by Sarah74 on November 28, 2011

    Absolutely LOVE the song. Cant get it out of my head. “Tis the season, its always the real thing”

  37. Posted by Lucy on November 28, 2011

    When i was a child i always knew that my parents bought the presents but was told that they gave them to santa to be delivered. It never spoilt anything for me. Do children think santa goes christmas shopping? Big deal over nothing. The only ridiculous thing about the ad is buying uncle a phone and grandad a laptop. More likely to be socks and hankies!

  38. Posted by ric on November 28, 2011


  39. Posted by ric on November 28, 2011

    This advert reminds me of the film “Santa Claus The Movie” in the synopsis it is now describing you “an evil toy manufacturer who wants to corner the market and eliminate Santa Claus”

  40. Posted by Doug on November 29, 2011

    Disgusting advert:

    – Who is buying anyone a laptop for Christmas these days?
    – What about Dads who buy presents?
    – “Mother” is pronounced “Mother” not “Muvver”
    – Is Santa being made redundant in the austerity measures as well?
    – It’s irritating, why must every performance these days be a rap sandwich?

    Rant over. Can the advert now please for everyone’s sake.

  41. Posted by Checka Santa on November 29, 2011

    Calling All Silly Petty Parents…..

    1. How is a Nativity Based advert NOT Festive??

    2. I bet your the same people that moan when its “too hot” in the Summer & “too cold” in the Winter, forgetting Snow is generally thought in conjunction with Christmas therefore FESTIVE!!!

    3. If your kids are old enough to put 2 & 2 together, I don’t think you should still be lying to them any more and tell them the truth!! I bet you all tell your kids “Not To Tell Porkies” Hypocrites!!!

    4. Get over your sorry self centred lives, its only an Advert for god sake!!

    5. If you don’t think this advert is appropriate for Branding & wanting the best toys reasons etc, turn your TV off & listen to the Wireless, as nearly every advert is trying to sell stuff hence the word “ADVERT”….

    To the rest that like/love this Advert like me & my family………
    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!!

  42. Posted by Lauren Thomas on December 4, 2011

    I think this advert takes the true meaning of christmas away for little children! they should belive in santa for as long as they can, and this advert sends out the wrong messages…

  43. Posted by Masif Woodancock on December 8, 2011

    So many poor parents commenting here… Still lying to their children about the exsitence of Santa, letting their children watch tv instead of doing something productive with them like reading or playing games with them. Poor, poor parents… I bet most of you have been on The Jeremy Kyle Show.

  44. Posted by decline of the west on December 11, 2011

    This advert sums up everything thats wrong with our consumer culture. The party is almost over and they know it, but that’s no excuse for this foul piece of rubbish.

  45. Posted by LOUISE on December 12, 2011


  46. Posted by Alfred on January 9, 2012


    What kind of girl, especially at that age, would have eyebrows like that and go on television.

    Ruining Christmas aside, Littlewoods have been rocking the scouse brow long before Scousewives.

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