Summer Ready Feet

Summer Ready Feet

Scholl Corn and Callous Removing Liquid

Scholl Corn and Callous Removing Liquid

After months of hiding away our feet in huge wellies, fur-lined boots and smart work shoes, the arrival of summer finally means we can kick off those clodhoppers and slide into some sophisticated sandals. But after keeping our feet protected through winter, often we might not have the prettiest tootsies around – not to mention cracked heels, dry skin, or terrible toenails! Fear not: we’ve picked out our super summer sandal survival guide to turn those feet into things of beauty.

First things first: get rid of any seriously unsightly bumps and lumps with the Scholl Corn and Callous Removing Liquid. This gentle lotion removes corns and callouses while providing pain relief – which means your sandals will be comfortable all summer through. After this, make sure your skin is super soft by using the Flexitol Foot Scrub Exfoliate. Just like exfoliators for your face, this product effectively gets rid of dead skin around your heels and soles with its unique exfoliant properties. For those with really stubborn hard skin, be prepared to use some elbow grease and the Scholl Dual Action Foot File. The double-sided file removes rough skin with one pad, then buffs the skin smooth with the other side. Fabulous feet in no time!

Burts Beeds Peppermint Foot Lotion

Tackling our toenails can be a bit of a nightmare, so ease the pain with this Toenail Softening Lotion before clipping. This useful product comes in a bottle with brush applicator: just paint on like nail varnish! Then, use these hard-working, classic Scholl Nail Clippers to cut square across the nail. Feet can get very warm and uncomfortable during summer months, so as well as wearing sandals to keep the air circulating, use a cooling foot cream like Burt’s Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion.

Scholl Hidden Comfort Heel Cushion Large

Scholl Hidden Comfort Heel Cushion Large

This completely natural product provides deep-acting moisturiser to soften and pamper feet – and the peppermint fragrance will cool as well as keeping odours at bay. Sweaty feet can often mean smelly feet, so keep them in check by washing your feet every day and using Odor-Eaters Foot Powder on your feet instead of talc. This powerful product keeps bad smells at bay all day, meaning you can concentrate on having fun and enjoying the sunshine!

After all this, make sure you keep your feet feeling and looking as great as ever by consistent use of effective products, like those mentioned above. Don’t forget, too, to support your feet by using pads and grips – like these Scholl Busy Feet Spring Action Inserts. These flexible inserts fit easily into different types of shoe and provide arch support for world-weary feet. For heels, try the Scholl Hidden Comfort Heel Cushion Large, which remains invisible from sight but provides a comfortable base for feet affected by tender or painful skin.

All you need now are your sparkly, stylish, new summer sandals!

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It’s summer sandal time – make sure your feet look their best too, with our new footcare range!

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