Top games and for the summer holidays

Top games and for the summer holidays

Lego is always a winner, and will keep them busy for days

That time of year is just about to roll around again; for the kids, six glorious weeks of freedom, for the adults, six weeks of noise, chatter and pleas for days out or money to spend.

Let the experiments begin!

It’s true, the summer holidays can be an expensive time; most of us can’t really afford a day out every day, or even every week, so it’s important to be prepared so that you know the kids won’t get bored and you won’t be tearing your hair out when they start asking for things you can’t afford. Pre-empt the summer holiday pleas and stock up on plenty of new games and crafts to keep them busy, not just for a few hours, but in some cases for a few days. This will keep them distracted, leaving you free to enjoy the peace and quiet!

Here’s our top game and crafts guide for the summer holidays:

Board games are great for rainy days

Kids love to be creative, and there are few things that capture their imagination than having the freedom to built whatever they like. Harry Potter enthusiasts will love this Lego Hogwarts Castle, but to keep them busy for longer, why not opt for a big bucket of Lego instead?

Want to encourage kids to learn AND have fun? It can be a difficult balance but this Chemistry Kit from National Geographic will have them creating potions galore, and by the end of it Chemistry will be their favourite subject. In a similar vein, younger kids will love growing their own colourful crystals with this Crystal Growing Kit which lets them experiment to their heart’s content.

Fun for all the family with the Nintendo Wii!

For rainy days you can’t beat a good old board game; do you have your favourites in the house? If not then why not opt for classic Monopoly with a modern twist, with this Disney Cars version or try to figure out whodunit in Cluedo?

Learn to Play; just make sure you buy some earplugs too!

If your kids really are of the digital generation and can’t drag themselves away from their games consoles then make sure you have enough to keep them entertained. Nintendo Wii games are designed to include the whole family and in particular we love Just Dance 2, which will get you all up and moving or get the whole family playing in Super Mario’s world in Super Mario Bros, with up to 4 players!

If you can stand the noise (or have a handy garage that’s empty) then you might want to consider getting your kids started on learning a musical instrument. From guitars to flutes and keyboards, there’s an instrument to suit everyone. So, if you have a budding Jimi Hendrix in your midst then check out our musical instrument section today.

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  1. Posted by Bea on September 1, 2013

    My kids are always running around and annoy me so if I could just win these I would be so more relaxed

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